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…but I’m not a morning person…

By January 1, 2013 February 28th, 2016 32 Comments

I hear this statement all the time.

I think rising up before your kids is a great idea…but I’m just not a morning person.

My answer?

Neither am I.

Nope, not a morning person. At. All.

If I had a choice, I would sleep in. In fact, this past week we’ve been with doting grandparents who have been happy to greet the kids in the morning, cook them special waffles, and set their favorite movies on to complete a leisurely holiday morning.

Most mornings, I’ve slept through it all.

It has been awesome.

But, when our normal schedule resumes, you will find me up—bright and early—to kick off my day right. I know that the natural-born night-owl in me will fight hard to keep me under my cozy white comforter, but after three solid years of maximizing my mornings I know it is the best way to start off my day.

I think you might find it to be a good start to your day, too. So, if you are up for a challenge, I have 15 days of practical tips for you, sure to turn any night-owl into a early-morning riser.

I’m excited to kick off our new HelloMornings home with these tips. Be sure to subscribe to the HelloMornings blog so you don’t miss a thing!

Tip #1: Know Your Why

Tip #2: Set Your Goals

Tip #3: Take Baby Steps

Tip #4: Focus on Bedtime

Tip #5: Set an Alarm for Bedtime

Tip #6: Don’t Linger

Tip #7: Tell Others

Tip #8: Surround Yourself

Tip #9: Don’t Snooze

Tip #10: Make an Investment

Tip #11: Manage Your Expectations

Tip #12: Celebrate Your Successes

Tip #13: Be Prepared

Tip #14: Pray for Perspective

Tip #15: Know that God is Pleased with You


  • I will investigate further, but I no longer have children at home and I have to get up @ 5 am to make it to work on time. I think I may be able to tweak this a little and do my study in the evening for my next day. I am new to your site, but I’ve learned that if I stress out and make impossible demands, I will give up quickly, so I will see what works….. but I am excited to be part of this.

  • Elisha Pettit says:

    Oh my goodness, this is going to be rough, I think. I’m a mom of three boys and I’ve been a Night Owl since I was little. My dad was too which is why I am … he let me stay up late and watch television late at night before bed. The thing is, I’ve always wanted to be a morning person but didn’t know how to get myself to do it. Here I am now, reading these pages at 12:30am which is the norm for me still. I don’t know if this will help me or not but It can’t hurt, that’s for sure. My main concern is getting to bed at night … not sure how to ‘turn off’ my mind and fall asleep early. Also, not sure how to get things done as I usually wait until the boys are in bed. I LOVE THE QUIETNESS OF THE HOUSE WHEN EVERYONE IS IN BED! Sigh. Anyway, I want to be up early so I can spend time with God and plan my day and get in a little exercise too. Wish me luck! 😉

  • Becky Jones says:

    Seem like I am too tired at night to study God’s word, The morning are better if I follow you tips and don’t give in.

  • Kaitlin says:

    I would love to maximize my mornings. I work night shift 11 PM-7 AM and I’m already up in the morning but when I get home I just crash and burn. Some mornings I make my family breakfast but then I leave all dishes, laundry, quiet time, exercise, etc because all I want to do is sleep. I have tried FlyLady.net and her ways are smart but when you work night shift you really have to change the whole system. Any help on settling into a routine for me?

  • Shea says:

    For me personally I am working on getting up earlier and planning more so that I can be more productive and a better mother. I also just want to know what it feels like to consistently set and reach goals, cause it is an amazing feeling when anyone completes a journey they set out on. With that said somethings that could help me make this transition are:
    1) A better alarm clock or getting a music player to attach to my current one. Music always helps me getting moving and motivated better than a boring chime that is more annoying and prone to make me hit snooze quickly and forget.
    2) A coffee maker with a timer that self starts! This would be a dream! I am a coffee drinker and it helps give me the jolt I need to come alive whenever I wake up. I am a bit lazier or rather maybe overwhelmed not sure which but the I do hate the few minutes it takes out of my morning for me to make coffee.
    3) Comfortable slippers. I hate, hate, HATE my feet on the cold floor so a nice pair of slippers would help encourage me to get up and get walking and moving.
    4) A new Bible. I have had the same Bible for about ten years now and I first purchased it when I was like 19 or 20. I brought a student Bible (thinking on it, it may be even older than that) anyhoo it is definitely time to upgrade to one better suited for the woman I today and striving to become.

    At the moment these are the top four items that I will be working on acquiring during this journey because for me personally I feel they will definitely lead support in helping me meet my goal and completing this challenge this go. So please pray with me as I pray with you that I am able to meet my goals! =)

  • I tend to be a night owl AND an early bird–and fowls such as these tend to have a short life span 😉 Hello Mornings has certainly encouraged me to head to bed at a decent hour, there’s just too much to listen to from Him in the mornings!

  • I joined HM during the winter – it was difficult climbing out of those covers. Tomorrow, I’ll rejoin the early morning crowd – I’m ready to find my ‘old normal’….now that I’ve seen how much getting up early prepares me for the day and helps my family – I’m excited to start again!

  • Sherri says:

    The first one I was very successful, second one not so much. However for me I realized it was more important and essential that I took the time each and every day to spend it with HIM. That is what really helped me get up before my daughter, what helped me get through each and every messy day. The time spend with HIM first thing.

  • Julie says:

    I am a definite night owl and I don’t understand why there is such a push to change night owls to morning people as if there is something wrong with being a night owl.

    • Katie Orr says:

      Hi Julie.

      There is nothing wrong with being a night owl! I’ve just found that getting up before my family helps me keep first things first, and think others have found that to be true for them, as well. Thus the push. 🙂

      I have three little ones, and getting up before them allows me to spend time with God and get the perspective I need to tackle the day ahead of me.

      Every situation is different, this is what is best for our family at this stage of life.

      Happy New Year!

      • I’ve always been a night owl and definitely not a morning person, and I agree with you, Katie, that there’s nothing “wrong” with either. But . . . I grew up with a father who was a night owl and who (I found out when I was about 12 or 13 when he told me) knew he was not at his best in the morning. As a result, when he became a father, me made a decision to get up an hour earlier than the rest of the family so that he could shower, have his must-have cup (or 2) of coffee, and do that day’s Sunday School lesson. By doing that, he was wide-awake, ready for the day, and in a good mood by the time the rest of us got up. What a loving act of sacrifice! I tried to do the same when my kids were younger and then in high school, but I got out of the routine for a couple of years. I’m slowly getting back into it and can already tell a huge difference in my day, my outlook, etc.

  • Larissa says:

    My first session was the one just gone … and I failed *miserably*!!! I am determined to give more effort to actually getting up earlier – or at the very least, dedicating a few minutes at the beginning of the day with God … Looking forward to this next challenge – and your tips! I’m the complete *opposite* of a morning person … 2am would be my mean time getting to bed over the last few years, and unfortunately it is a surprisingly difficult habit to break!!!

  • Joyce says:

    “…after three solid years of maximizing my mornings I know it is the best way to start off my day.” Yes!!! So right!

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