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Tip #13: Be Prepared

By | 15 Transformational Tips, Motivation | 9 Comments

There’s nothing more annoying than waking up before the sun, only to have my precious time cut short for one reason or another. Some mornings it seems as if the seconds are just shorter! My time in the Word is not long enough, planning is squeezed in as kiddos arise from their sleep, and time to exercise eludes me. Usually,…

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Tip #12: Celebrate Your Successes

By | 15 Transformational Tips, Motivation | 153 Comments

We’ve taken time to figure out our why, set our long-term goals, and determine our baby steps. Our next focus was on a better bedtime through setting an alarm for bedtime, and then we moved on to the actual getting out of bed. We got a bit vulnerable by telling others and surrounding ourselves with encouragement and accountability. Then we ditched the snooze button and made an investment to support our goals….

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