Tip #15: Know that God is Pleased with You

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This is, perhaps, the most important tip of all. A difficult one to understand and believe, but if we allow its truth to sink deep down into our hearts, it is a game-changer. Know that God is incredibly pleased with you. That’s right! He is not looking down with scowl on His face and disappointment in His heart. […]

Tip #13: Be Prepared

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There’s nothing more annoying than waking up before the sun, only to have my precious time cut short for one reason or another. Some mornings it seems as if the seconds are just shorter! My time in the Word is not long enough, planning is squeezed in as kiddos arise from their sleep, and time […]

Tip #12: Celebrate Your Successes

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We’ve taken time to figure out our why, set our long-term goals, and determine our baby steps. Our next focus was on a better bedtime through setting an alarm for bedtime, and then we moved on to the actual getting out of bed. We got a bit vulnerable by telling others and surrounding ourselves with encouragement and accountability. Then we ditched the snooze button and made […]

Tip #11: Manage Your Expectations

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This HelloMornings thing is hard. Going to bed at a decent hour is hard. Getting out of bed is hard. Jumping out of bed once, out of sheer determination and excitement for a new change is one thing. Rising early, day after day, month after month, year after year? That is a whole different ballgame. […]

Tip #10: Make an Investment

10 invest.007

When I first set out to take this get-up-early thing seriously, it seemed as if my kids had signed up for the HelloMornings challenge, too! I kid you not—the very week I started getting up BEFORE them, they started waking up EARLIER. This was incredibly frustrating. A friend suggested a special alarm clock to help […]

Tip #9: Don’t Snooze

9 dont snooze.007

This might be one of the most fruitful tips in our 15 Transformational Tips for the Night Owl. It is also one of the hardest. Are you ready for this, ’cause some of you are going to want to slap me after this one… Ditch the snooze button. I can’t remember how long ago I […]

Tip #8: Surround Yourself with Support

accountability groups

As I shared in our in(RL) HelloMornings video, I tried (unsuccessfully) for years to get up early to spend time with God. I made it up for a few days, weeks, or even a month; but it never stuck. Today’s tip continues to be transformational for me, in meeting my morning goals.   Surround Yourself […]

Tip #7: Tell Others What You’re Up To

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It’s one thing to set your goals, make your plans, and set an alarm for bed time. It’s quite another to tell others of your goals, your plans, and what time you plan to be in bed. (I just love the movie Elf, don’t you? Telling others about our goals made me think of this quote. […]

Tip #6: Don’t Linger

6 sit up.007

I’m in a deep sleep—happy in la-la land—and suddenly I hear the tone of my alarm calling me to the real world. Is it time to get up already?! As reality sets in that it is, indeed, time to wake up, I reach for my phone to silence the sound and face a decision. To […]

Tip #5: Set an Alarm for Bedtime

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Without accountability, I go to bed way too late. While I am certainly guilty of staying up late watching the premier of Downton Abbey (It was SO GOOD!), playing Ruzzle, or wasting time on Facebook, most of my late nights happen because I truly do not realize how late it is! As a project-lover, I get engrossed in […]