The End of Our Journey and a Giveaway! {Abounding Hope :: Week 13}

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It’s the last week of the Winter HelloMornings challenge, and we’re almost to the end of our time in the Abounding Hope Bible study. Thanks for taking this journey with us! As a result of studying the scriptures, our prayer for you is that you now believe — with greater conviction — that through Christ we can have […]

God’s Love is Immeasurable {Abounding Hope :: Week 12}

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I’ve never experienced quite the harsh circumstances that Job or Joseph did. And even though none of us may have experienced the extremes they did, I know some of you have come close. And then there are those of you like me who wonder if your life testimony has any worth or story to it, […]

How to Battle Our Fears {Abounding Hope :: Week 11}

  I’ve struggled with fear since at least 8 years of age. I used to run down the darkened stairs as quick as possible as if fleeing from an unseen monster into the bright, safe light of the occupied living in my parents’ house. My logical reasoning told me nothing was there, but fear originated […]

Joseph’s Hope in Our Sovereign Lord {Abounding Hope :: Week 10}

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I don’t know about you, but I love the story of Joseph. It has all of the elements of a modern day box-office hit…desire, deception, disaster…not to mention a handsome leading man. But the story of Joseph is so much more than these things. At its heart, the story of Joseph is about trust. If […]

Joseph Confesses Hope {Abounding Hope :: Week 9}


By Tereasa Mansfield Ladies, you are going to love week nine! There is so much meat in these scriptures. In fact, I found a lot to chew on in one short sentence. I better set the stage so we can partake together. Joseph Faces His Past Joseph’s brothers knelt before him and it all came […]

Trials are Temporary {Abounding Hope :: Week 8}

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by Heather MacFadyen Trials will come. You know it. I know it. Perhaps you’ve had your own “Job-like” season recently. Kids continually sick, your husband’s work more demanding, a cancer diagnosis, or a strained friendship. My entire 2012 felt very “Job-like”…house robbery, broken foot, isolation from friends due to the birth of a 4th child, […]

Defining Blessings {Abounding Hope Bonus Study}

by Lara and Katie One sign of a good Bible-study-er is reaching the point where your time in God’s Word perplexes you. Last week we read that Job’s friends angered God with their poor theology. Specifically, they assumed Job had sinned because of his suffering. They thought God was punishing Job for something he had […]

Going from fear-based to faithful obedience. {Abounding Hope :: Week 7}

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By Tammie Gitt We’re starting the second half of our study! This week, we see Job’s fortunes not only restored but also multiplied exponentially because of his great obedience during his suffering, as well as his continuing faithfulness through the second half of his life. Obedience brings blessings. From the time Moses prepared the Israelites to […]

The Turn Around {Abounding Hope :: Week 6}

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by Aubrey Barela Moving on to week 6 of our Abounding Hope study, friends! Are you into this as much I am? I sure hope so. I mean this is getting good! Last week God kind of put Job in his place by challenging him with understanding the creation of the Universe and the understanding […]

How Hope Can Arise {Abounding Hope :: Week 5}

 By Laura Luyt We know that as long as we are in this life, there will be hard times. All through last week, I found myself singing about hard times—asking for them to come again no more. My 12-week-old stirs each time I lay him down to try to write, my other two little boys happily […]