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The End of Our Journey and a Giveaway! {Abounding Hope :: Week 13}

By | Abounding Hope, God | 38 Comments

It’s the last week of the Winter HelloMornings challenge, and we’re almost to the end of our time in the Abounding Hope Bible study. Thanks for taking this journey with us! As a result of studying the scriptures, our prayer for you is that you now believe — with greater conviction — that through Christ we can have hope even amidst the most difficult…

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Trials are Temporary {Abounding Hope :: Week 8}

By | Abounding Hope, God | 7 Comments

by Heather MacFadyen Trials will come. You know it. I know it. Perhaps you’ve had your own “Job-like” season recently. Kids continually sick, your husband’s work more demanding, a cancer diagnosis, or a strained friendship. My entire 2012 felt very “Job-like”…house robbery, broken foot, isolation from friends due to the birth of a 4th child, husband’s demanding work schedule. But…

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Going from fear-based to faithful obedience. {Abounding Hope :: Week 7}

By | Abounding Hope, God | 6 Comments

By Tammie Gitt We’re starting the second half of our study! This week, we see Job’s fortunes not only restored but also multiplied exponentially because of his great obedience during his suffering, as well as his continuing faithfulness through the second half of his life. Obedience brings blessings. From the time Moses prepared the Israelites to enter the promised land to…

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