A Note From the Director

Hi friends! I am so glad you are here.

First off, let’s get things straight. I don’t have my mornings all together. I still sleep in. I have yet to incorporate a regular exercise plan into my days, and my “planning time” leaves much to be desired.

Yep, that’s right. Three years into the HelloMornings challenge and I still have much room for improvement. While I certainly strive toward more and more “success” in my morning efforts, having the perfect morning is not what I’m after.

I get up early to meet with Jesus. I give up the extra hours of TV and Facebook to make the best use of my time through a decent bedtime. I choose to put my feet on the floor, get out of my warm bed, and walk to my morning chair where I seek out another measure of grace for the crazy day ahead of me.

Because I desperately need it.

HelloMornings is not about achieving a certain goal, becoming a “better you”, or trying to beat the sun out of the gates. The HelloMornings challenge is about discipleship, stewardship, and worship. We want to help you grow closer to God and honor Him in whatever stage of life He has placed you in.

I would love for you to join me on this journey of HelloMornings!