Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HelloMornings Challenge?
When is the HelloMornings Challenge?
How does the HelloMornings Challenge work?
How can I register for the Challenge?
What if I want to do my own group or stay with my previous group?
Will you provide resources for us?
How can I help?

What is the HelloMornings Challenge?

The HelloMornings challenge was birthed several years back out of a desire to provide encouragement and accountability for Christian women pursuing the life-changing habit of getting up early. Through Facebook or Twitter, accountability groups check in with one another throughout the week and encourage one another in their early-morning goals, with an emphasis on their time in the Bible.

When is the HelloMornings Challenge?

New challenges begin every 8 weeks. Each challenge runs for 6-weeks, with a 2-week break until the next session. We provide on-line accountability groups and various resources for your morning time. All 2014 dates are listed here.

How does the HelloMornings Challenge work?

The HelloMornings Challenge is a daily check-in via social media accountability groups.  Before or after their morning routine, group members check in with their assigned group on Facebook or Twitter.

You choose the group that fits most with what you are looking for, or you can form your own group at church or in your community. Once you register, your Accountability Captain (group leader) will contact you before the challenge begins with more details.

How can I register for the challenge?

Open registration begins one week  before a new challenge starts. There are sometimes groups that open up spots throughout the challenge. Check out our Groups page for openings.

In the meantime, you can always jump into the #hellomornings Twitter and Instagram streams, or join the conversation on Facebook.

What if I want to form my own group or stay with my previous group?

You are welcome to organize your own group for the HelloMornings Challenge. We just ask that you email us about your group so we can stay connected with you and support you on your journey.

We will provide the inspiration and a variety of resources. You will be responsible for making sure your group knows how and where they will connect with one another.

This is a great option for those who want to do the HelloMornings Challenge with their moms group, church group, blog audience, or some friends. It’s also and excellent option for previous HelloMornings groups who want to stay together for future challenges.

Will you provide resources for us?


A Bible study or reading plan will be provided for each challenge. You can view 2014 study schedule here. Of course, it’s optional and you are welcome to do any study you choose.


Focusing more on building a foundation than reaching a certain goal (i.e. run a 5k or lose a certain amount of weight), we’ll help you develop the habit of exercise and healthy living with an exercise challenge for each session.


More planning resources coming soon!

How can I help?

Spread the word and invite your friends to join the movement!
Add some HelloMornings flair to your site.

Share your gifts!
Have a specific skill set you think could be helpful for the challenge? Have a tip to share? Share it with us here. If your skills or tips are a good fit for our current needs,  you will hear from us shortly.

Still have questions? Contact us.


  1. I note there is a great deal of mom-related references here. I’m a youngish great-grandma though. Do I fit in? Or is there an age limit/guide, etc.?

    • Hi Sherrey! The challenge is open for anyone to join! The majority of our participants and leadership are young mommas, thus the references to our stage of life! We would love to have you join in, and I know you will be a blessing to any group. We need the perspective of those who have been before us! Registration starts on the 16th.

  2. Do I have to do the required Bible study if I want to join a group? I’m already doing a Bible study series in my church. But I just need the accountability with my Hello Mornings.

    • Hi Sheila, No, the Bible study that is offered is not required. You can go ahead and continue your own study. Every group and every AC is different, but I like to encourage everyone in my own group to share what they are learning through their study, no matter what they are working on. Hope that helps. :) We’re glad to have you here. Remember to register on January 16th.

  3. I don’t have Facebook or twitter, is there another way to participate?

  4. Hope Coulter says:

    I have chosen not to do social media because of the time consuming distraction it was to me personally in the past. Is there any other way to join, via email or phone text, besides Facebook or twitter?

    • Hi Hope!

      At this time we are only managing Facebook and Twitter groups. Sorry. :(

      There is another great morning accountability group, called Good Morning Girls, and I believe they do email groups!

      Also, if you were to join a Hello Mornings Facebook Group, you can log in once and set your group settings to receive the updates via email, and you can respond back to them via email without having to log back into Facebook. :-)

  5. I am taing an online college class about the doctrine and practice of prayer. Each day I will be required to do prayer journaling and be accountable. This group will blend well with my class and give the motivation to up and moving and fill requirement for class too!

  6. Maybe a suggestion for future challenges– I would love to see accountability groups based on whether moms are working in or out of the home. As a full-time working mom, sometimes I felt like I couldn’t relate to stay-at-home moms.

  7. Do we need to buy the book for the challenge or if we have registered do we get the book by download? I thought I saw where when we register we get a link but I haven’t seen that in my emails yet. Thanks!

    • Hi Nicole! You should have heard from your AC by now, with a link to the study. Sorry for the late reply. Let us know if you have any problems!

  8. Hi there, I’d really love to be part of the challenge but I cosleep with my little ones and wondered if you had any ideas on how to wake without disturbing them at all, please? Many thanks x

    • Enola, did you ever get anyone’s advice on this? I am facing the same issue. As soon as I started waking up earlier, SO did my kiddos…
      I need help in this area as well!

  9. Can I still participate or do I have to wait until the next session starts? Thanks!

  10. Is there a hello mornings study for teens? My daughter wants to join one! Thanks!

    • Hi Ggigi, We don’t have a specific group right now for teen, but we might have it in the works for future. In the last session, we did have a mom and her teen daughter join a group together. You can always do that. I think we also had a daughter, mom, and grandma join one time too.

  11. I would love to be finally in a group! Is there something I have been missing the past year to not get into a group? I thought that I had done everything correctly to register before but never got in…is there a magic tip for this new session. thanks :)

  12. Michelle Thomas says:

    Ok, I registered, but how do I join a group? :)

  13. Hi there
    There is a lot of mother-related stuff on here. Can I join as a wife but not-yet mother? Also, do you have regional groups (I’m based in the UK), or does it not matter where you’re based? Thanks!

    • Hi Vicki! Yes, the majority of our ladies are mommas, but we do have many others who are not married, or married without kids, or kids who are grown.
      We would love for you to jump in with us!!

      We do have regional groups. Our current session is in week 5, but if you are ready to start, I can see if there are any open spots in one of our Europe groups! We have Facebook and Twitter groups. Just let me know which one and we can see what is available!