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Glorious Grace Fridays!

By August 16, 2013 April 30th, 2018 9 Comments

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Every Friday this fall we will be hosting a Glorious Grace link-up. This will be the place for you to share your posts, Instagram photos, or anything else with a URL to share what you are learning through this 13-week study of Ephesians. Alternately, you can also leave a comment to share what you are learning or ask a question about the passage.

So get your posts ready, and we’ll see you back here each Friday throughout the HelloMornings fall challenge.

(You do not have to be a part of the HelloMornings challenge to join in the Bible study with us. All you need is a copy of Glorious Grace and to meet up with us on Fridays to discuss!)

Study Schedule

Week 1 :: Paul, Prisoner of Christ

Week 2 :: The Blessed Source of All Blessing

Week 3 :: The Giver of All Wisdom

Week 4 :: The Initiator and Fulfillment of Salvation

Week 5 :: The Reconciler of Mankind

Week 6 :: His Eternal Plan of Redemption :: 9/27

Week 7 :: The Beginning and the End of All :: 10/4

Week 8 :: Walking Worthy of My Call :: 10/11

Week 9 :: Walking in Newness of Life :: 10/18

Week 10 :: Walking in Love :: 10/25

Week 11 :: Walking Obediently in Marriage :: 11/1

Week 12 :: Walking in Honorable Submission :: 11/8

Week 13 :: Walking in His Might :: 11/15


  • I love that phrase “feed on His Word.” Praying now that you have a fruitful fall challenge.

  • Marcia Mitchell says:

    I really skimped through the summer challenge. The Lord is really convicting my heart, to really feed on His Word!! I know one’s life is destitute without The Living Word of God! I’m truly looking forward this time to committing myself, with an open heart. I pray we all receive what God will be teaching us as individual woman and sisters in Christ! I love you all!

    • Kelly S says:

      Of the hundreds of places you could leave a comment you left one here. And for the fact that reading these letters is a Huge downfall of mine that I never get around to doing, and this is only that maybe third one I’ve read, it’s no coincidence that I see your comment here. I love you so much! And I’m not only praying that you get more out of this Bible study but I claim victory that we both get more out of this study, that we will for positive daily habits, That we will get deeper with our relationship with Jesus, and Lord knows we won’t do it perfectly, but we will grow and we will get closer to Him and he can use us! (For anyone reading this, just curious, this is my aunt and I talk to her pretty much every day she’s there for me and I’m there for her and I love her!) She’s been talking to me since last October and November and she’s brought me out of my funk and raised my confidence and spirit and helps me grow more “9Christlike.” I’ve been in a five-year rut and shes given me a can do attitude! She’s a huge blessing, and I claim victory in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ that He will grow and multiply all the blessings in her life! (Too bad neither one of us drive, I need to get over there so I can show her how to use his stinking computer)! Seeing this blog and hearing my aunt, that I haven’t talk to in a few days is all in Gods purpose – I need to call her and I need to get ready for the book study and this is God letting me know! Praise Jesus, amen!

  • Downloaded my book today! I’m going to spend my weekend preparing my quite time area and myself for Monday. Keep me in your prayers!

  • Thank you. I am so excited about this. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to write what you are so graciously giving women around the world. I look forward to submitting something every Friday. Exactly how does this work?

    • Hi Chris, Each Friday there will be a post similar to this one and all you need to do is comment just like you have about what the Lord has spoken to you during your reading of the scriptures that week. You can follow the study along, highlight passages that speak to you in your bible, write in a daily journal and then come back here on Fridays and share with the rest of us. I am sure there will be a place to link to if you have a picture to share or if you blogged about your thoughts as well. I look forward to reading about what the Lord is doing in your life. Have a blessed weekend.

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