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By August 31, 2013Move

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By Candice Clem

As the school year starts up, there are so many things to do, so many things that we want to do, and so many things that already have our time.  Adding exercise and healthy eating can in itself seem like too big of a mountain to climb or just another grueling thing to check off our to-do list.

Is exercise a burden for you right now?  That’s okay.  There has been other things that have taken priority and the grace of Jesus extends to our lack of movement.  But I want to invite you to join us in a shift in how we look at exercise. This isn’t a challenge to lose 30 pounds or only eat non-processed foods.  The challenge is to move with joy.  To dance and sing to your favorite song, swing your kids around,  climb up the playground with your babies, or go for a leisurely walk with a friend.

Moving whichever way that blesses you and blesses God. 


September HelloExercise Challenge

If you are looking for a challenge this month, we have a 3 days a week Burpee Challenge that will get your heart pumpin’ and endorphins kickin’.  This challenge is adaptable to any fitness level and has modifications and progressions to fit your need (see video below.)  Please get the OK from your doctor before starting any physical activity.

First, you’ll need to pick beginner, intermediate or advanced.  You can switch between levels as you see necessary during the week.

  • Beginner – 30 seconds of work, 60 seconds of rest  (this is one round)
  • Intermediate – 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest (this is one round)
  • Advanced – 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest (this is one round)

Next, you’ll need to pick your variation of the burpee (see video below.)  You’ll want to pick one that you can do without compromising safety and your form.  Again, like the levels, you can switch between variations as necessary during the week and as you get stronger.

Each burpee day on the HelloExercise tracker will have the number of rounds to do.  If possible, you want to go right into the next round without additional rest, but if you need the rest, please take it!

The quality of movement is always more important than quantity of movement.  Exercising without proper form increases the risk of injury so you can avoid this by training smart!  Remember to level down if necessary and modify the burpee to the one that works best for you.

I hope you can join us for our September challenge and start using exercise as an aid and an outlet.  (Relieving stress, having “me” time, strengthening our bodies, strengthen our minds, practicing discipline, helping in depression, using our exercise as a chance to worship God, etc.)

We want to see your process, your smiles, your sweat and even your tears!  Share with us on Twitter or Instagram using #HelloExercise and #HeyBurpees

Will you be joining us for #HeyBurpees?  Say a quick “Hey!” in the comments if you are.

Also, is there something fun you want to try this month? Swimming?  Skipping?  Soccer?  Playing tag?  Burpee challenge with a friend?

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