HelloExercise – Start Right Where You Are!!

By March 7, 2013Move

HE skinny

by Kristi

So would you like to say HelloExercise but don’t know where to start? Are you feeling overwhelmed or too far out of shape to even take the first step?

You are not!

HelloMornings at its very basic point is God, Plan, Move. And that is all we expect for HelloExercise. Move. Start where you are with what you have.

HelloExercise does not have to be any elaborate work out routine. In fact, we don’t recommend anything elaborate to start. We don’t necessarily have any expertise and we are not your doctors. We are women in the trenches, just like you, trying to get well.

So as Coach Kat would say, “drop and give me 20,” “or 10,” “or even 5.” Just move. Need some inspiration? Check out the Pinterest board and the Facebook HelloExercise Tribe. Use the hashtag #helloexercise on Instagram and Twitter.

We’re in this together.

So what movement can you add to your day right now? Squats, calf raises? Tell us in the comments!!

Mark your calendars!!

twitter party.009

We’re having a Twitter party just for #helloexercise!!  Join us on Twitter Tuesday, March 12th at 9pm Eastern time.  Michelle from Myers Cross Training will be sponsoring the party and joining us to talk all about #helloexercise!!

Let us know, can you come?



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