Tip #4: Focus on Bedtime First

There is an often neglected time of day each of us needs to take a good look at before we can serious about waking up earlier.


Becoming an early-riser will never become a reality if you do not go to bed earlier. You might be able to make it on fumes for a while but—sooner or later—you will run out of gas.

This getting-up-early thing is more than a line on your checklist. It is a lifestyle change and it is going to take sacrifice.

Sleep cannot be the thing you sacrifice.

You must go to bed earlier before you try to change much about your HelloMornings, and even when you do start to see progress in your morning wake-up time, you will always need to fight the battle of going to bed on time.

Or maybe that’s just me, writing this post at 10:26 pm?

Tomorrow I will share an incredibly practical tip which will help us establish a good evening routine. But, today let’s take a look back at our baby steps and see if we need to include something about bedtime!

Do you need to add something about bedtime in your HelloMorning goals or baby steps? What is something you may need to sacrifice, in order to make it to bed at a decent hour? Share your thoughts in the comments.

This is Tip #4 of 15 Transformational Tips for the Night Owl.

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  • Sandy Koca says:

    I’ve got to stop staying up so late watching TV. My hubby and I like to watch our shows and spend time together after the boys are in bed, but we’re both exhausted the next morning. We need to either cut back on the number of shows we watch at a time, or maybe cut some shows altogether.

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  • Elizabeth Bagnol says:

    I love my 2 weekly Hot Hula class and one of them is at 6:30pm… smack dab amidst our dinner/bedtime routine. Been trying to find earlier Hot Hula classes… work outs that gives me joy and contributes to upping a libido for hubby. Gotta get my workouts to not cross into bedtime routine.

  • abby says:

    the only problem i have with going to bed earlier is my husband. and some times my 2 year old keeps me up.

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  • Amber Dalton says:

    I go to bed at 10 now, much better than the 12am or 1am bedtime I’m used to!

  • Diane Leak says:

    I am the chief caregiver for my husband (heart transplant 18 years ago). He is home alone while I work and when I’m home I feel I need to spend time with him. To get even a few minutes to myself I stay up late after he’s gone to bed (way TOO late!), then find myself dragging out of bed. The desire God has put on my heart is to write but in all my 66 years I’ve never been disciplined enough to do it. I suffer from depression and anxiety, lost two brothers to drugs and alcohol, one at 38 and one of suicide at 57. I just don’t have the energy to BELIEVE anymore…..glad I found this site and thanks for being here.

    • Tammy says:

      Diane, hugs & prayers!

    • Patti says:

      Diane, I just read your comment now and felt a strong urge to pray for you. So I did. 🙂 Your sacrificial care for your husband is an act of worship because you are obeying God – love in action. I am so sad to hear of your brothers’ deaths, and I can certainly understand you feeling depression and anxiety. I just want to encourage you to persevere, to spend a little time with God in His Word every day so that He can speak to your heart. If you are struggling finding words to pray, just open up Psalms, and pray one aloud. One foot in front of the other, sometimes it is all we can do, even on our faith journey. God may surprise you by opening up an opportunity to write. One thing that might help you is 750words.com, a site I use when I just feel I need to practice discipline in writing. It is very motivating to have the words being counted, and to give myself the freedom to write whatever I want, then stop after 750. If you are a fast typist, you may be able to kick out 750 words in 20 minutes. What you type is private, it’s just a useful tool for writers.

      • ddindenver says:

        Patti, Thanks so much. I feel the prayers! Today was a better day than most. I have been reading the book of Job during Lent and it’s helping me so much. Just to BE in the Word is uplifting. Thanks for the tip about 750words.com, I’ll check it out. Also, adding 1 psalm a day to prayer and meditation is something I’m sure will help. Years ago when I first started reading the Bible someone suggested starting with the Psalms and they are wonderful. I also have the Psalms and Proverbs on CDs (Serenity) and pray them often in the car. A great way to memorize them! Blessings to you, dear heart! d

  • Margaret says:

    For me bedtime is going to be one of the biggest barriers to overcome if I’m going to succeed in joyfully greeting the early mornings. Step one of this is getting out of work on time. When I’m still at the office at 9pm, there’s little chance I’ll be in bed before midnight, and it spirals… So my first baby step is to start winding up my workday by 5.

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  • Barb says:

    I have cut out television. I use to put my kids to bed and watched my television shows.
    I am making myself be in bed at 830pm. I then do leisure reading (full-time student so no school reading!…lol). I make sure that lights are out no later than 930pm. I usually far asleep shortly after. So when 515am (working up to 5am) arrives I am well rested for the day.
    Since I have begun this routine I could care less about my television shows 🙂

    • Joyce Moy says:

      Barb, I’m so glad to hear this!! We actually don’t even own a TV, and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything…I do get plenty of updates from friends on FB and twitter already. :p Yay for being well rested!

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  • Tahisha says:

    I really love this series! I kinda fell off the band wagon for a couple months, not getting up before my 4 kids and spending time in prayer and bible study. And it was really because of how I spent my evening. My challenge has been staying up with my hubby. After the kids are in bed I finally have one-on-one time with him (he works late a few nights a week). So we tend to stay up very late together. On his late nights I wait up for him but we are both realizing the hours of time up very late has not necessarily been good for us. My hubby and I are making it a team effort to spend some quality time together and get to bed at a decent hour and it has been such a huge blessing for the both of us. It’s not an easy habit to break but through Christ we can do all things!

  • Sheila V. says:

    And I am still up at 11pm! This will be a tough one for me. I can focus more on writing, paperworks, bill paying, and reading at night when my son is already sleeping. The housework is done for the day and there’s less distraction so I can keep my train of thought when I need to. I know I will have to make some changes to my bedtime routine so that my mornings can be more productive.

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