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By June 19, 2013 11 Comments

There are many working parts of the HelloMornings challenge, and I am excited to announce the latest addition to our HelloMornings team, our Community Team.

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From Twitter and Facebook, to here on the blog, the Community Team is here to chat and encourage!ย 

The amazing Joyce Moy leads our team of Community Leaders: Yasmin, Helen, Tammie, Melissa, Katie, and Jessica. All of these beautiful ladies are so faithful to enter into discussion and encouragement following each post. When you see them commenting, know they are praying for you and are cheering you on toward your HelloMornings goals!

Christie Elkins is the lovely lady behind the Facebook page and Amanda White is our Twitter-ninja. I am so thankful for their creativity, organization,ย and their role in bringing HelloMornings toward greater influence via social media!

Sweetย Susie Cantrell leads our Facebook Prayer Room, our online space where you can leave a prayer request and pray for others. Susie has brought a prayer focus and general encouragement to our team for years, and I am so thankful for her willingness to host our prayer room!

To each of these ladies, THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful for your presence in our HelloMornings community.

I know you are thankful, too! Let’s give these ladies a shout-out in the comments.



  • Kelly S says:

    LOVING GETTING LOST (but help!) – Hello to all of you ladies, I recognize maybe one or two of you, And have been to Katie Orrs site once, (thanks for you’re free tools including this summers Bible study). I’m semi new to social media, I started w/ a twitter acct 6 mo ago, and I really like following people/groups that feed my spirit. Prov31 and encourage being 2 big ones.. Still can’t navigate through there… Lol, but I get Inspired to Action in my email… I’ll tell you that is the only one that I actually read every day – all the way through. And that’s saying a lot! Every day it just hits me the right way, and it motivates me, and it matters. I’m doing the Hello Mornings reading group, and I thought it was from Inspired To Action, but I don’t see Kats picture in the group up there… But Ms. Orr mentions Inspired… And I remember liking Sara Mae’s website who was linked w/ Inspired, so are you part of eachother? And this is Hello Mornings … I love your stuff, hmmmmm I’m glad I read this, b/c now I’m thinking you’re separate, and just suporting eachother, and that all of you sisters in Christ my have invaluable information and tools just clicks away!

    I will pray for all of you to be blessed protected and comforted. I will pray you are drawn close to God and led to Write to all of us and that we all are given eyes to see it.

    Ty for any clarification ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Joyce Moy says:

    Blessed to serve with you ladies! We love the conversations taking place in the HelloMornings community!!

  • Melissa Q says:

    Woot, woot to EACH of you! This space for us just wouldn’t be the same without you…

  • Jessica says:

    “Twitter-ninja” – I love that title! Way to go Amanda.

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