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  1. Hi, I sent a contact form but wasn’t sure if it went through. I am very interested in talking with you about possibly bringing my passion for health and wholeness in Christ to your community of virtual followers. I love what you guys are doing here and if I can help or be a part of it that would be awesome. :)

  2. Hey Heather!! Welcome to HelloMornings and HelloExercise! I’m Kristi and I’m manager for the HelloExercise. I put in a friend request on Facebook to connect with you! I’d love to add you to the facebook group and talk to you in order to see how we can get you plugged in!!! Also, Feel free to email me (mommakristi 4110 @ gmail)! We share similar passions, I’d love to chat!!!

  3. I would love more information about HelloExercise and would love to be a part as well! I teach ZUMBA and a Christian Fitness Program called Devoted Fitness!

  4. I desperately want to exercise. I just can’t find the time. I work two jobs, approximately 60 hours every week. I am a full time student. My husband is disabled and I take off work periodically to see that he gets to the doctor as he cannot safely drive. My daughter is graduating college this year and I am assisting with wedding planning. If I could get a 25 hour in the day I would exercise. Any thoughts?

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