Tip #5: Set an Alarm for Bedtime

Without accountability, I go to bed way too late.

While I am certainly guilty of staying up late watching the premier of Downton Abbey (It was SO GOOD!), playing Ruzzle, or wasting time on Facebook, most of my late nights happen because I truly do not realize how late it is!

As a project-lover, I get engrossed in what I am working on and completely lose track of time.

I don’t even remember how or when this idea sparked, but one day I had an “aha!” moment. Why not set an alarm for bed time?!

(Yes, I have to set an alarm to pick up my daughter from preschool…I have time awareness issues!)

My evening alarm is a reminder for me to start wrapping up whatever I am working on, and start getting ready for bed. If I take its heed I can be in bed by 10:30PM, which gives me over 7 hours before my alarm goes off at 6AM.

Instead of waiting for the next HelloMornings challenge, go ahead and try this tip out now in preparation for getting up earlier. Keep your morning alarm the same if you like. Just start the habit of your new, earlier bedtime.

Go ahead and take a moment now and decide what time you want to go to bed tonight. Figure out how long it takes you to get ready for bed, and set your evening alarm accordingly. Once you’ve figured it out, share with us what time your alarm will go off and when you will say “goodnight” to the day.

Katie Orr

Katie Orr

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Katie Orr
Katie Orr
Katie Orr

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Katie Orr
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  1. Wow! That’s a genius idea…! Setting my alarm for tonight right away :). I’ll have to set it at 10PM as well, so I’ll be in bed before 10:30.

  2. Sarah (theGIRL) says:

    Great idea! I set an alarm for everything, why not bedtime? I’ll be setting mine for 9:45 so I can be in bed by 10 p.m. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Great idea, Katie! Mine will be set for 9:30pm, that should get me to bed no later than 10!

  4. I have been getting up at 4:50am four mornings a week to workout with my sister in law before the hubs leaves so I need to be in bed by 9:15 so 8:55 is my alarm.

  5. I like the idea of the alarm at night. Mine will be set for 9:30PM. This should be a reminder to finish what I am doing and get ready for bed. The goal is bed by 10PM, much later than that and getting up is really tough in the morning.

  6. I started doing this last year and it is so helpful! My girls are also great reminder-ers. “Mommy, what time are you going to bed tonight? You should sleep earlier.” :p They really do inspire me!

  7. Very cool idea! I think I will set mine for 10:00 pm. My goal at this point is to be consistently in bed, lights out, at 10:30. And gradually perhaps even moving it to 10:00.

  8. I’ll be setting my alarm for 10pm with the goal to be in bed at 10:30. I tend to get involved in my sewing and lose track of time . . . or I tell myself “just a few more minutes” which then turns into another hour.

  9. I love Ruzzle it’s my favorite game.

  10. I set my alarm for 11pm to start my night time routine and have some time in bed to read before lights out at midnight. We’ve been going to bed around 1am or later most nights, so I think the midnight bedtime is a good goal. My husband and I like to go to bed at the same, so when he has a project he’s working on for work (which is often) it’s difficult for me to turn in earlier. I really like this idea of setting the alarm as it will pull me away from my computer or reading to begin preparing for bedtime and the next day. When I start seriously getting ready for bed my husband usually follows shortly after (or vise versa too:)).

  11. Oh my goodness. The perfect tip! I already set my alarm! Thank you, thank you!

  12. I love this idea! I so often get distracted by something and totally forget the time. I think I’ll be using this from now on. Thanks!

  13. Ingenious idea!! Setting mine for 10 tonight! :)

  14. Oh! This is cool! I can set an alarm for “go home” as well :-)

  15. I am soooooooooooo glad I’m not the only one staying up too late watching British Period Drama’s

  16. Just set mine for 10:30PM, so I’m in bed by 11. Gonna miss Jimmy Fallon, tho! :-)

  17. Elizabeth Bagnol says:

    My blessing bell will go off at 9:50pm to get to bed by 10pm and be up by 5am. This will gradually shift to 8:50pm to get to bed by 9pm and be up by 4am.

  18. Anyone have suggestions for helps in going to sleep and staying asleep? I have trouble getting to sleep and do not like to take sleep aids.

  19. 10:30 bedtime wind down at 10:00pm


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