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The Reconciler of Mankind

By September 20, 2013 April 30th, 2018 9 Comments

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“Remember. Twice in this week’s text Paul tells us to remember. Remember who we are and from where we’ve come. Remember who God is and what He has done. Remember.” – Glorious Grace

As sinners, we were separated, alienated and strangers of Christ, without hope. But, through the blood of Jesus we “who once were far off have been brought near.” (Eph 2:13 (ESV)) His desire and plan is to remove hostility and regardless of where we’ve been or where we’ve come from, that we would come together in peace and build his church.

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  • This week 5 reading blesses me so much. Once I was apart from God the Father, but now through Christ I am close to Him.

  • Allison says:

    This weeks readings reminded me that grace is a tool to help you grow in your faith and to help you treat others as part of God’s family. There are times when my patience with others is short, when I am not so forgiving, and then I remember how many chances God has given me.

  • Lara says:

    Hey girlie. Such a great week in Ephesians! (And FYI, the linky isn’t showing up above. 🙂

  • The two things I want to remember from week 5 is: 1. That I am a part of God’s greater family that encompasses ALL of man kind.. He sees us all the one in Him because He brought us near. 2. That I am a part of the temple… being built for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit, with this knowledge I want to be a strong stone… I want to be able to FIT with the stones around me, on top of me and under me… I want to be chiseled where needed so as to FIT beautifully and be a perfect dwelling for HIM… we are all to be a Masterpiece for His Temple!

    • Yvette says:

      Beautifully put. I also am in awe that God has brought me into His family, so that I would be a part of His story, His plan, His very dwelling place. I was struck how we had no clue of His plans before our salvation, but now we see the big picture. It humbles me but makes me stand taller at the same time.

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