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Walking in Love

By October 25, 2013 April 30th, 2018 3 Comments

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“…God isn’t looking simply for outward obedience. He’s seeking after those who will walk intimate with Him to, in turn, reflect Him in how we respond to life.” – Glorious Grace

In this week’s reading (Eph. 5:1-21) there were many references to how we must walk: “walk in love” (v.2), “walk as children of the light” (v.8), “look carefully how you walk“(v.15), “walk, not as unwise but as wise”(v.15).

The two themes emphasized in our “walking” from this passage are love and wisdom – heart and head. In living this life for God we must push in on love, even when it’s hard and messy. We don’t give up on it. And in seeking wisdom we must pursue it like buried treasure (Prov. 2:4). We must give thought to our steps and intention to our time, not merely flying by the seat of our pants.

When we do these things, our steps start to align more with His steps. Our hearts explode with joy and our minds are blown by His truth, proven again and again.

What stuck out to you this week? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  • s.montes says:

    Big lesson I learned this week! I was moved in my heart to help clean a dear friends house. I called her to tell her and knowing that she would be grateful I headed over. Now she and her husband own 5 parrots that they keep inside there living spaces. These birds can be very messy, plus my friend is physically challenge and husband is also but works outside the home. So with this in mind the inside can get very out of hand.
    I have helped on my own and even received pay for cleaning at times and this is a job that is never ending with bird seed everywhere and paper, wood, and other things that they take a part. So I knew this day, that the Lord was wanting me to help them out just becasue HE loves them. Well I was moved by obedience but my heart was not in it. I prayed and asked the Lord to give me the strenght to be quit and not become frustrated. I am sure that she noitced my demeanor and how quickly I wante to go home. Once I saw and she said I had made a substantial difference, I decided to go home. She first asked me a question. She said “are you ok?” and I finally said, “I get so frustarted when I come to your home to clean, becuz its so over whelming!”. “Your home is not very inviting, its causes me to feel stressed.” She begain to say that its not like this everyday, and I didn’t want to become more frustared and said, I had to leave. Now the next day she invited me out for a coffee and I told her she didn’t owe me a thing, and she said that she just wanted to treat me. I told her thanks and we went. A topic a rose and she begain to tell me a story and It was about how God at times puts us in places to change us and that when you leave a place that you have been at. How do you make the people feel when you’ve left. Are they feeling, good about themselves, and what took place, are they encouraged or discouraged. I thought, Wow, God was giving me a change to walk in Love. She said its not so much being patiences you have but your attitude of love and its expressions of love left behind. Ouch! Love has an attitude and I am more aware of it now. I asked to for give me.

  • Paula says:

    Making the best use of the time stuck out to me too. I have been terrible at planning lately, but I know that my time is best used when I have it planned out.

  • A very challenging passage but a great reminder. I love the idea you wrote about not flying by the seat of our pants but being intentional. That’s definitely what it takes, doesn’t it? None of this walking stuff just “happens.” The idea of walking in … reminds me also that it is an everyday purpose…the eating, drinking, walking around, going to work life (Romans 12 – MSG). It encompasses all of that!
    On a side note -This title immediately makes me think of a local clothing store, created by a young couple in our area. Check it out!

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