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Welcome To The HelloMornings Podcast!

By April 18, 2017 October 9th, 2018 17 Comments

I’m thrilled to announce the new HelloMornings Podcast. My friend Heather MacFadyen and I (Kat Lee) have already recorded several episodes for you.

Upcoming episodes will feature interviews with Hello Mornings participants, experts on planning, fitness and Bible study and daily devotions to get your mornings going. We are SO excited about this show and would love to hear your ideas and suggestions!

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How to Listen to the podcast:

1. You can click the little play button above (if you’re reading this via email or rss you might need to click here to view the post and the audio player.)

2. You can use an app like Downcast or the iPhone/iPad Podcast app or you can search for podcast apps and download one that looks good. Just search for the HelloMornings podcastย and add it to your subscriptions. That way you’ll be notified every time we launch a new episode.

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Why Listen to A Podcast?

I have to say, I looove podcasting. It’s a fantastic way for us to fit learning and encouragement into our busy days.

I’m really excited about the new HelloMornings Podcast and I hope you enjoy our inaugural episode. Click play and join us as we maximize our mornings together!


Are you familiar with podcasting? It’s like a radio show, but you can listen whenever you want, wherever you want. I love to listen while I’m doing dishes, folding laundry or running, but you can also listen in the car or while the kids are playing at the park.

We hope that this will be a fantastic source of inspiration and encouragement for you as you work to build your morning routine.


  • Fiona Jackson says:

    Thank you Kat and Heather for your morning podcasts. They are a wonderful accompaniment to this Bible study.

    I just want to pass on a message to Lindsey Bell. Have you ever heard of NaPro technology? It is a noninvasive fertility treatment which I used to have our babies. It basically checks the woman’s hormone levels and adjusts them accordingly. It has been used very successfully in treating women who have had repeat miscarriages. It uses the Creighton method of fertility care. I wanted to share that incase anyone would like to have a look. God bless you all. Fiona.

  • Heather Deaton says:

    i am a group leader and love the fact that my group members can listen to the podcast! I love it as well!

  • Really enjoying the podcasts
    I listen to them during my lunch hour

  • Michele Meier says:

    This has been an excellent tool for me! Having trouble getting the 4th episode on my podcast app…says it’s temporarily unavailable? Thanks for havi it posted here! Looking forward to starting my 3 minute mornings tomorrow.

    Also, what is the song at the end of the podcast?!

    Thank you Kat & Heather for obeying God’s voice and and sharing with us!! God bless you both.

    • Joyce Moy says:

      Hi Michele! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the podcast! Did you get the 4th episode to work? The song at the end of the podcast is God Day by Jen Stanbro. You can check it out at! Hope you’re having great mornings. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Abigail says:

    Kat and Heather,
    I am so excited for this podcast!!! I listen to both of you on your other podcasts. Each of you in your own way encourage me and help me seek God in my mothering. I am so greatful for you ladies and your encouraging words through our parenting struggles.
    My mornings with God and time before my kids wake have finally become more of the norm in my life. It truly changes my day. (My kids are 4 and 2 so moms with babies it will come some day).
    Thank you ladies.

  • Kat, I really enjoyed the 15 tips, but I have a stumbling block: I have set two alarms to *go* to bed, but I ignore both of them SO, SO frequently. Last night the alarms went off and I said, “I just don’t wanna!” What would you say in response?


    • Michele Meier says:

      I have the same problem in the evening (and the morning too, to be honest)! Look forward to Kat’s thoughts!

  • Julie says:

    Do you have show notes? I got a bit muddled during the second part of the 15 tips and missed number 12. I’ve looked but can’t seem to find any show notes. Thanks for the podcast – I love listening to both of your individual podcasts, and am really enjoying this new podcast.

  • Amy says:

    I loved the first episodes so much I have been refreshing the channel twice daily since. I’m ready for more! Planning + God = Perfection!

  • Stacie says:

    I just signed up for HelloMornings, and just finished the first podcast! I love it!! I hope you continue to make them!

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