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Abounding Hope is officially available (sorta)

By January 17, 2013 15 Comments

Drumroll, please. Drumroll. (Am I the only one who can quote nearly every line of Christmas Vacation?) Anyway, Katie and I (Lara) are soooo excited to release our new Bible study for the Hello Mornings Winter challenge: Abounding Hope.



Well, I say “study” but we pray it’s more like a conversation between you and God. Because He loves you and me so very much; and He redeemed us in Christ so that we would walk our days with hope abounding!

READ THIS –> The study is now available through our website but it will be FREE for those who sign up to take the challenge. Did you read that?! We will offer a PDF copy for FREE.*

So stay tuned. Your AC will give you more information on getting your free copy AFTER REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. But if you just. can’t. wait. then feel free to go ahead and purchase it through our website. We won’t argue about that.

*The study is available on Kindle though it will not be available for free through Amazon.
In what area of your own life could you use a little hope?


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