Tip #13: Be Prepared

There’s nothing more annoying than waking up before the sun, only to have my precious time cut short for one reason or another.

Some mornings it seems as if the seconds are just shorter! My time in the Word is not long enough, planning is squeezed in as kiddos arise from their sleep, and time to exercise eludes me. Usually, mornings like this occur because I didn’t prepare well the night before.

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Another morning-time-crusher that can be avoided by a bit of planning ahead is noise. Seems as if I take one-too-many steps on our creaky wood floors my kids come a-running, so the least amount of sound in the mornings the better.

To avoid waking anyone unnecessarily, I need to have the coffeemaker ready to go, Bible study materials gathered, and tennis-shoes placed out the night before. Oh, and socks! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself fumbling around the dark trying to find a matching pair of athletic socks. Ugh.

In our book Savoring Living Water, Lara and I suggest having a basket or a drawer designated for your Bible, journal, pens, highlighters, notecards, and anything else you might need to be prepared for your time with God in His Word. It is so helpful to have everything in one place!

What do you need to do tonight, to make your morning time as fruitful as possible?

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  • Sandy Koca says:

    Let’s see: Prep the coffeepot, set out Bible, journal & pens, have phone & headphones handy for exercise.

  • Elizabeth Bagnol says:

    Set my coffee maker, get my clothes ready, set my alarm, meditate on my date with the Lord in the morning, (hope I don’t keep Him waiting), pray….

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  • I go to my husband’s office just five minutes away for my morning time with God. If I stay home my 3 year old is up in minutes. So, computer, Bible, day planner, exercise clothes all get put beside the door along with my large green Hunter boots to plow through the snow. As soon as I hit that icy chill, I’m wide awake.

    Thanks for your encouragement, my mornings have been transformed and I’ve been able to write a Lenten series with the time! Ya, God and #hellomornings!

  • A few things that help me be prepared for the morning: Grind the coffee the night before, no need to wake anyone up, beside myself. Fill water bottle and put it in the fridge. Water goes better with #helloexercise. Set exercise clothes by the door. No need to turn on the light to find them. Just grab ’em and go. Set the alarm and get to bed at a decent hour.

  • Jennifer says:

    I’ve been trying to clean my desk off at night so that it’s clear when it’s time to plan the day, I’m not digging for everything. I also lay out my clothes the night before so I can sneak in a quick shower before the rest of the house is up.

  • Corinne Kanski says:

    Thanks for all these great tips. I am finding that as I am growing deeper in the Word and drawing closer to God, the enemy seems to use anything these days to get me off course and I am sure it is the same for others going deeper in their walk. And if anyone else can share more tips, I would love to hear them. I have 3 children two boys 6 and 1, and a girl 4. I homeschool, so my children are always with me. I have at times, done some deeper Bible study in the evening when they are in bed, but I know that it is also good to start your mornings in the Word and prayer as well.

  • Amber Dalton says:

    My morning doesn’t take a lot of prep. My bible is always sitting, ready, on the shelf along with pens and highlighters. My coffee maker, while loud, is far enough away from the kids room that it won’t wake them up. And carpet makes little noise so no waking up the kids 🙂 I’m also blessed that my kids sleep in late enough that I get at least an hour and a half to myself. My baby wakes up between 5 am and 5:45 am so she is my alarm clock, with my phone alarm as a backup. Once she is fed the day starts, no matter the time. My only trouble so far has been exercising. My husband leaves for work before the sun is up so no running. An exercise video would wake the kids up. I just need to get a noiseless routine that I can do on my own. That is, before tax returns when I get my much-looked-forward-to elliptical 🙂

  • Joyce Moy says:

    This is a GREAT tip!! It has made such a difference for me to be prepared. It only took me until this past challenge to finally get it right. It made it so much easier to get up knowing that all my stuff in one place. 🙂 And also…grrrr to creaky floors!…and doors… :p

  • I always prep the coffee maker the night before and set it to brew by the time I wake up. It’s soooo nice to know a hot cup of coffee is waiting for me.

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