HelloMornings Photo Challenge

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A few years ago, we had our very first HelloMornings Instagram group. Since then, we have had a few more groups start up. It is fun and inspiring to take a peek into the mornings of some of our HelloMornings sisters! If you love photos and Instagram, but still love your private Facebook group or getting the most out of 140 characters on Twitter, here’s your chance to join in on sharing your morning photos for five days. (You can always continue posting photos after the challenge is over, but the challenge is just for the next 5 days!) This is also…

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Take Refuge: Seeing Our Trustworthy God in the Story of Ruth

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Announcing the Bible study for the next HelloMornings challenge! We’ll be diving into the book of Ruth, with a new study method to learn along the way. Lara and I are so excited for this study to launch. It might just be our favorite study yet! Will you be studying Ruth with us? It will be available as a FREE download for all HelloMornings participants. Open registration for the next challenge starts this Monday, February 17th. UPDATE: Registration is NOW OPEN! See you then, and be sure to invite your friends! Space is limited and groups fill up FAST!

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Time of Silence {And a Time to Pray!}

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We are busy, busy bees behind the HelloMornings scene. I cannot tell you how excited I am to show you our new site! In fact, we’re going to be a bit quiet around here while we get everything ready for the next challenge. While we take a break here on the blog, let’s take time to pray in the weeks to come. Here are several request we are trusting God for in the weeks ahead: Provision of time and energy to work through the details of the new site. Endurance for our leaders who are giving their leftover time each…

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Get Moving: It’s not about our goals, it’s about Him

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Exercise was never my forte.  As a short and stumpy girl, I excelled in math and music, but P.E. and cross country never suited me. Maybe you have the same history with P.E.? Some of us have no coordination; we trip over our own two feet and run into bed corners. And some of us feel like we’re going to pass out walking up a flight of stairs. However, we can’t avoid exercise just because we are not good at it. Katie wrote about her #1 goal killer being perfectionism. And Alisha reminded us that God calls us to do everything “in…

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Finding a Rhythm that Leads to Exercise!

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So far for our MOVE challenge, we’ve asked God to align our hearts with His regarding exercise, and spent two days putting intentional movement on our to-do list. Today we’ll look at another important factor to making exercise a part of our everyday lives. Finding a rhythm. When it comes to exercise, finding a rhythm throughout your days will help you make it a consistent part of your life in such a way that it no longer needs to be in your “three things” for the day. It becomes a given that movement will occur. The challenge is finding what works…

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The Starting Point for Successful Exercise

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All too often, we compartmentalize our lives. We set aside time with the Lord each day to read His Word and fellowship with Him in prayer, we go to church to worship with other believers and to hear the Word preached, and we think of these actions as “spiritual.” We work all day in or out of the home, we cook, we clean, we shop; we even try to make some time for ourselves by pursuing our own interests and hobbies. But for some reason, we don’t consider these things to be very spiritual. And when it comes to exercise…

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A Simple Start to Planning Your Days

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It’s time for a planning spark. Yep, you know that jump-start you need to actually complete those goals you’ve set for 2014? Well, we’ve got just the thing. We’ll lead you through simple yet effective planning tips you can use in your everyday life. Planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating. So, whether you’re new to planning or need some tips to refine your efforts, all you’ll need are some 3×5 cards and a willingness to try things out! PLAN MINI-CHALLENGE DETAILS: Monday, January 13th – Friday, January 17th Hosted by  Christie and Melissa. A chance to try out simple planning tools for daily planning….

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FREE Colossians Bible Study

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The first mini-challenge of 2014 is here! We’ll be studying the book of Colossians together through a quick, yet intentional look at this letter. GOD Mini-Challenge Details: Monday, 1/6 – Friday, 1/10 Hosted by Denise Hughes 5-Day study of Colossians Additional commentary here on the blog Includes a free PDF study guide (UPDATE: You can catch the commentary posts HERE, HERE, and HERE.) Reading Schedule MONDAY:  Experiencing the Power of Prayer  ~  Colossians 1:1-14 TUESDAY:  Understanding the Fullness of Christ’s Deity  ~  Colossians 1:15-2:5 WEDNESDAY:  Knowing the Truth of God’s Word  ~  Colossians 2:6-23 THURSDAY:  Putting on the New Self  ~…

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The #1 Killer of a Goal

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Want to know what the #1 killer of momentum is for me? Perfectionism. In fact, perfectionism is not only a momentum sucker, it’s a road-blocker. Oftentimes, I find myself, ready to start on a goal, all set with my tools and awesome pinterest boards, and then . . . nothing. Afraid to fail, I never give it a chance. This time of year, I am about ready to dive deeper in the the Bible than ever before, exercise everyday, start cooking every night, spend hours of quality time with each of my family members . . .  you get the picture….

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