Tip #6: Don’t Linger

I’m in a deep sleep—happy in la-la land—and suddenly I hear the tone of my alarm calling me to the real world.

Is it time to get up already?!

As reality sets in that it is, indeed, time to wake up, I reach for my phone to silence the sound and face a decision.

To get up—or not.

It is in this pivotal moment I can use all the help I can get, so here is our next tip!

Don’t linger.

Sit up, place your feet on the floor, and start walking!

It is hard to get out of bed, whether it is 5 AM or 8 AM, and every morning you will face that moment where everything in you is screaming, “Stay in bed!”

But, if you can get vertical as you reach for your alarm and keep the upward momentum going, a huge morning victory have been achieved!

I find that once I am past this difficult moment, I wake up fairly quickly if I am well-rested.

Coffee helps, too.

What goes through your head when the alarm sounds? Any tips of your own to share, that help you get out of bed?


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  • Sandy Koca says:

    I think setting the clock across the room will help, so I’m already vertical by the time I turn it off! I also have a alarm that gets louder gradually, so it’s not such a shock to my system. I don’t like to be jolted out of bed by a loud alarm!

  • Elizabeth Bagnol says:

    Sitting up vertical and knowing it may not feel good the first 15 min. helps. Used to look forward to 5am wake time and happy to go to bed 9pm prior to kids. Now it seems no matter how much sleep I get, I feel tired. I look forward to my coffee, day planner, and Bible. Think one problem is prior to marriage, my own apartment was so dreamy and just me. Now with family in a house with much stuff, I don’t look forward to seeing it all, despite major ongoing declutter. I’ll try looking out the window up into the sky above the mess to focus my eyes on Him. Morning blessings all:)

  • Ronda says:

    I never use an alarm. I never have a problem getting vertical. I can practically do it in my sleep. 🙂 But I do have a problem…I almost always wake up because of pain, and I have to get up to stretch the kinks out. I walk around a bit, then collapse onto the couch and fall asleep again. Sometimes i repeat this several times before actually waking up enough to focus and truly Wake Up. I’m not sure how to handle this. If I force myself to stay up, I am so groggy and uncoordinated that it’s really hard to function. I think I need to have an absolute deadline –that always works on Sunday–but I can’t seem to make it stick when no one is actually waiting on me. And besides…Sunday mornings just hurt and make me grouchy. So i’m dealing with physical as well as motivational issues. But there’s no doubt that the emotional issues play a part, which is why I’m here.

  • abby says:

    I do not have an actual bed i just put a pallet on the floor for me and my husband our home only has one room so my 3 year old gets it so i’m happy to get up off the floor the only thing my whole body is exhausted by time i get up because i’m not sleeping well and its on a wood floor and even if you put 100 comforters down it still don’t help. Poor me lol i need to get a bed

  • Amber Dalton says:

    I had to start putting my phone, which is my alarm, about 10 feet away from the bed. It’s far enough so that I have to get up to turn it off, but not so far that I might run into a wall as I walk half-asleep. I’ve been lucky, though. My 8 month old has been waking up between 5:30-6am, which guarantees I will get up. And (thank God), once she breastfeeds, she’s fast asleep and I get alone time with God for 2+ hours 🙂

  • The hardest part for me now is the fact that I have a four month old and two new businesses going while doing taxes for the first time this year. So I have a lot to juggle and I am not very organized as of yet but that is definitely changing. However with these challenges as they are now I find that I am still quite exhausted when the alarm goes off. My biggest challenge is getting my four month old trained to go sleep when I am ready to and getting us into a routine. Any suggestions?

    • Amber Dalton says:

      I know what you mean, I have a small baby, too. Getting her into a schedule was really hard. What I had to do was figure out when I wanted her to go to bed, and make sure she stayed awake the 4-5 hours before then. Sometimes that meant keeping awake a fussy baby, but she would be tired and crash when I needed her to. On the nights when that didn’t work and she was still wide awake at bed time, I had to just let her fuss. Playing some worship music at a moderate volume helped drown out her cries and (eventually) she would go to sleep. It’s hard hearing your baby cry, but having other things calling for your attention helps keep you from going and getting them. A lot of my to-do list is saved for when the kids go to bed.

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  • Jacquie says:

    My struggle right now is that our kids are super-sensitive sleepers in the morning and if I so much as make a peep, they wake up and my morning time with God is sabotaged! My hubby and I have been waking up together at 6am, but we just lie in bed and read the Bible on our iPhones, afraid to move – lol. Any tips?

  • My alarm clock is on the bathroom counter, so not only am I out of bed, but I’m in the next room!

  • StephVG says:

    One of the GirlTalk ladies (CJ Maheney’s wife and daughters), in a post about getting up early (they do something called the 5AM Club), said something along the lines of, “You’ll be miserable for the first 15 minutes. If you can just get that in your mind and accept the fact of it, then just stick it out through those first 15, you’ll be fine.” That actually makes all the difference – KNOWING I’ll be miserable, and just letting that be true, honestly, it helps me.

  • Alison Hoyle says:

    I don’t have an alarm as such not one that makes you sit bolt upright at the moment it goes off! My husband does and I hate it, it wakes up the entire house. No I have a sunrise alarm which starts to rise half an hour before i’m due to rise half an hour before the time i’ve set so i get woken up gently but it is very effective. It’s alot easier to wake up gently then to give yourself a little time to be able to fully wake up sit up and eventually climb out of bed.

  • Janice Morrow says:

    Someone mentioned to me to take a wake up walk in the morning the last challenge. Of course, the first step is to get out of bed

  • Joyce Moy says:

    I read an article about how snoozing actually has a pretty bad effect on you, so I remind myself of that. During the challenge, it really helps for me to remember that I’m accountable to my group. And some mornings, my first thought is “JUST DO IT!” :p Getting vertical definitely helps. I know I’m going to get out of bed if I am able to do a big stretch. If I hit snooze and say, ‘maybe just five more minutes,’ I usually don’t wake up. 🙁

  • melissa Q says:

    Ain’t it the truth, sister! I think that’ll be my aim for this next round of the Hello Mornings Challenge — to ditch that snooze button altogether.

  • Sandy says:

    Such a good point that you’re fighting the same battle at 8:00 that you would be at 5:00. It’s not easy to jump out of that cozy nest, no matter what time it is!

    “The heroic minute. It is the time fixed for getting up. Without hesitation: a supernatural reflection and … up! The heroic minute: here you have a mortification that strengthens your will and does no harm to your body. If, with God’s help, you conquer yourself, you will be well ahead for the rest of the day. It’s so discouraging to find oneself beaten at the first skirmish.”
    ~St. Josemaría Escrivá

  • I just started getting up early on Monday! I turn my phone alarm off and say a prayer asking God for His help. In just 4 short days, I have come to realize how much I NEED this time! And yes, the Keurig helps!

  • Kelly says:

    Great point. I lingered this morning. I still was able to have my quiet time, but now that I have to go get the kids up, I’m wishing I still had those 15 minutes I used to linger in bed.

  • EmiLee Stephens says:

    I set my alarm clock on my husband’s dresser. It is next to the bed ,but I have to physically get up out of bed to turn it off. I stand up, turn off the alarm,and take a deep breath as I stretch my arms and back. Get the blood flowing. Then walk straight to the Keurig!

  • I’ll drink a cup of water before I go to sleep. I like to wake up around 5am (sometimes earlier) to get my day started. So drinking water helps me get out of bed when the alarm goes off – b/c I need to use the bathroom!! While I’m there I wash my face with cold water and I’m able to start my day. That’s what works for me! lol

    • Amber Dalton says:

      That’s so smart! No matter how tired you are, you’re gonna get up if you have to use the restroom. I will have to try that.

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