Get Ready {5 Prayers for the New Year}

By December 30, 2013 27 Comments

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Well, ladies, it’s here.


I don’t feel ready for it — at all. The last few months of 2013 have left me derailed, tired, and depleted. The thought of ramping up for a new year of planning, goals, and rising early leaves me overwhelmed.

Yet, I know that the planning, goal setting, and re-establishing an awesome morning routine is exactly what I need to move forward and find a new-normal.

This girl needs a kick-start before 2014 arrives, and the best sort of kick-starts comes from the One who is the only true and reliable source of power and transformation. So, this same weary, worn-out girl who desperately needs a dose of momentum is going to spend whatever energy I have left in 2013 and use it to . . . PRAY.

And because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one in desperate need to start this year off right, I’ve created a free prayer printable for us, which includes Scripture-based prayers for 2014. Just look for the link at the bottom of your email. (Not a subscriber? You can request to get email updates here and the link to the free prayer printable will be emailed to you.)

Planning will have to come; re-booting our night-owl-clocks will, too. But first, let’s pray and seek our God who is at work in us to provide all we need to make 2014 incredible.

Are you READY for 2014? Which of these prayers do you want to see God answer most in your life this coming year? Leave a comment to let me know!

Blogger’s Link-Up

We will get SET for the new year on Wednesday, January 1st, with loads of resources for you to start your 2014 off well and we want to include tips and tools from YOU. We’ll have a link-up for you to post your best, most helpful posts to share with others. Have a Bible study to share? An exercise tip? A list of favorite planning tools? Motivational post about the benefits of rising early? If it can benefit the HelloMornings community, we want to read it. So, search your archives or go ahead and publish that post you’ve been waiting to write, and we’ll see you on Wednesday!


  • Didi says:

    Hi, I’ve just signed up for the blog and been going through some of your earlier posts and I love the idea of a prayer calendar, is there any way I can still get it or is it too late now? Thanks!

  • To know who I am because of Christ; not my children (though they be incredible), nor my husband (head coach), nor my job, and certainly not any of the million or so projects I find sitting on my doorstep. To be content to truly (and simply) define myself as a daughter of the King. To be SUSTAINED by his tremendous, and unfailing provision. To find the discipline to NOT add *something else* (no matter how good), but to, instead, seek simplicity and the Level Path.

    • Joyce Moy says:

      Regina, that is so good!! I’m trying to find my one word for the year and discipline is one that I might pick…and discipline to not add something else is definitely needed for me.

  • babyblue says:

    If I can gain any positivity in 2013 it would be my relationship with God. Late 2012 early 2013 I’ve worked on letting god’s wisdom shower me. Some days difficult than others I still stood in faith. What I need to practice is mediating on god’s word and spend more time pondering his word and figuring out how it can be used in my every day life. I’m not excited for 2014 but, since I’m here I’ll find something to do. I’m blessed to be here

  • lebellephotography says:

    I just signed up for this blog… how do I get the prayer lists mentioned above? It wasn’t in my email?

    • Joyce Moy says:

      lebellephotography, There should be a link at the bottom of your email from the blog posts. LMK if you don’t receive anything by the end of the week. Click “Contact” tab at the top of the page.

      • Stephanie says:

        There was a following email in my inbox this morning with the link…thank you! 🙂 btw I don’t know why it’s showing up lebellephotography lol …. that’s my business… I used my personal yahoo email to sign up… yet i’m getting yahoo and gmail notifications?

  • Katie, that printable is so good… thanks for providing that.

  • Thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to linking up on January 1, 2014! For me 2014 is all about grace!!

  • I’m ready for 2013 to be over with, and although I know that each day has the same God-given potential as the day before, there’s something nice about the idea of a “fresh start” in 2014. All five of these prayers are important for spiritual growth in the New Year, but for me the most important would be becoming a woman of wisdom and humility. My prideful and disrespectful attitude has cost me a lot in my marriage, and I need to grow into a wiser, more humble wife in 2014. Thank you for the printable and the encouragement!

  • I need all of them! The later part of 2013 was challenging!

  • I want to become a woman of wisdom and humility. Sometimes I let my anger get the best of me…a lot of the time. I have always wanted to be a quiet and gentle woman and I try, oh how I try. That want has led me to become more of a woman of prayer. I hope 2014 is the year I become the woman I want to be.

  • The growth I saw in 2013 met the last 3 months of the year with challenges. I was so blessed to have spent that time in the word preparing. I am ready for more growth and study. I have loved my time of study!

  • Bec says:

    To center my life on the word, is for me, my top one. I’m sure as I do that the other 4 will flow through. I do think all are needed in my life. Thanks for writing up such beautiful prayers and then sharing them with all of us that we may be blessed as well.

  • nastephens says:

    So much has gone on in 2013. As I read through the 5 prayers, it is hard to pick just one that I most want God to answer in my life. Considering my present circumstances and some things I know He is drawing me & my family to, wisdom and humility are vital as is being a woman centered on His Word.

  • Renee says:

    2013 wasn’t a very good year for me with so many trials and changes but I still gave God the praise through it all. I am looking forward to the new year and the great things that God has already begun to turn around for me. A year for me to walk in complete holiness.

    • Joyce Moy says:

      Renee, Our pastor shared with us something that a homeless man shared with him and our church youth when they went to pass out items to the homeless with YWAM last week. He said he learned not to pray that God would move the mountains that are in his way, but to pray that He would give him strength to climb that mountain. That was a great encouragement to me, because those trials and changes will come, but we can’t let that defeat us. God is bigger than that. How awesome that you were able to praise Him through it!

  • Becky Jones says:

    Here we are about ready to step into a new year and we leave a lot of good things behind us but are looking forward to new things that God wants us to try. We have a special Christian friend who is about to go into the presence of God. We do hate to lose her because she has been such a wonderful teacher to our Bible Study but she is ready to go and we will to on with the Bible Study as the year begins. Pray for our friend and her sweet husband whose has stood by her for several years of battling cancer.

  • Tabitha says:

    Though 2013 seems to have flown by, I am ready for the New year! 2013 brought such amazing things. God grew my faith, he brought my family to a church were we are all growing. I have seen the Lord do amazing things this past year. I stand in awe of his mercy and grace. His goodness is profound……my cup runs over!!!!!! With him by my side, I am ready for what ever this new year may bring.

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