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Happy New Year!!

Today begins a fresh start to our race of faith. Exciting, isn’t it?!

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We’ve READIED our hearts through prayer and now its time SET ourselves up for a successful year.

I’m a researcher by nature and before I dive in too deep, I like to read and prepare for whatever I set my mind to do. So, today I thought we could share with each other our favorite resources and tools to help set us up for a successful year of early mornings.

Resources for an Early Morning

  • Maximize Your Mornings blog series and ebook by Kat Lee. This is the ebook that birthed the HelloMornings challenge. If you haven’t worked through it yet, this would be a perfect place to start.
  • The 15 Transformational Tips for the Night Owl series we launched this time last year, filled with tips for making the transition to an earlier morning.
  • Tip #10 in this series is to make an investment. I find that even a small amount spent on a helpful tool can give me the extra spark I need to get on track and stay there. So, here are a few of my favorite HelloMornings tools:

Bible Study Tools

Plan Tools

  • I just use plain ol’ pen and paper. Specifically, I like blank 3×5 cards — which can be surprisingly hard to find! I keep them handy in my purse, bedside table, and kitchen so I can brain-dump at any time. It’s not a super organized way of doing things, but it works for me.
  • For long-term planning or special projects, I (again) love my Moleskines. 

Exercise Tools

  • I completely took advantage of Christmas gifts this year to help me get a jump-start on 2014 and asked for this heart rate monitor watch: Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch with Heart-Rate Monitor. (Thanks for the suggestion, Aubrey!) I cannot wait to get back to my regular gym routine to put this to good use!

More Tips and Tools for 2014

Now its your turn. Time to share your own tips, tools, and resources for your HelloMornings. You can link up any blog posts you’d like to share, or leave a comment below! (Email readers, you may need to head to the blog to see the links below.)


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