HM 17- Power to Overcome Unhealthy Habits with Charity Stephens

From her childhood, Charity Stephens had insecurity and fear built up around food. She shares her story of coming to a turning point in her health and how God was faithful to meet her every step of the way.

“I thought, that’s not my future. I don’t want to be so sick I can’t get up and play with my kids or not healthy enough to be active with my grandkids. So that was a big turning point where I realized something had to shift.”

HelloMornings Habits

  • Start with one thing you can do every day that’s healthy
  • Ask God to help you think creatively about food and fitness
  • Put on your sneakers first thing in the morning so you can take a walk or run later
  • Press into prayer for the power to overcome your unhealthy habits


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