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HM 22 – Fresh Encounters in Scripture with Elisa Pulliam

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Author and life coach Elisa Pulliam shares how consistently diving into scripture can transform our minds to choose the truth first when life is hard and to have fresh encounters with God.

“Moving forward as a follower of Christ and living according to the truth of his word requires being in God’s word again and again and again like vitamins every day. So, when we need to fight a battle or endure a trial… the Holy Spirit is drawing upon the truths of scriptures that have already been filled in our mind so we can walk that way.”

Hello Mornings Habits:

  • Use a combination of paper calendar and digital system for planning. Elisa uses Trello to organize tasks.
  • Reading the Bible daily can lay a foundation for you to live according to the truth of God’s word.
  • Try reading one chapter of scripture a day, read it, underline it and pray.
  • Accountability and community are vital for growing in God’s word and getting a bigger perspective as we study the Bible.

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