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HM 25 – Fitness for Every Season with Gwen Smith

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As a co-founder of the conference and devotional ministry Girlfriends In God, Gwen Smith has helped thousands of women experience God’s word. In addition to her work as a speaker, author, songwriter and worship leader, Gwen has a background as a Division 1 college volleyball player.

She shares her fitness story, history of injury and how she has continued to stay active.

We don’t get to choose our pain, we get to choose how we respond to it. I have had to process and acknowledge that this is where I am and I have to work within my body and with the injuries I’ve endured. That way I can make the best choice for fitness in this season.”

Gwen gives practical tips for incorporating fitness into everyday life with small goals and shares why being still in God’s presence is the best baby step to take in fitness.

“I would say the first step toward being active and figuring out a fitness plan is to get with God and contend with any type of dust that has settled on your heart or things that have overshadowed what’s really important.”

Hello Mornings Habits:

  • Have a zero electronics policy for the first hour of the morning.
  • Listen to worship on Pandora Radio for a variety of songs.
  • When journaling prayers, keep track of each time you pray for someone by adding a mark by their name.
  • To work out your core, consider planking as an exercise. It works for several muscle groups. Plank your age in seconds.
  • Get outside and move. It’s good for your mind and body!

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