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HM 27- Anchor Your Family Culture Around God with Sally Clarkson

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Author and speaker Sally Clarkson shares her morning routine and how you can anchor your family culture around God, one day at a time. Whether you have children at home or not, she gives so much practical wisdom for how to make God “the oxygen we breathe in our homes.”

“I try to enter into my day into a quiet presence and say that I am entering into a place where God’s joy is surrounding me at every moment so I can clothe myself with a heart at rest before I enter into my quiet time.”

We talk about several resources for engaging your children with scripture including devotion books and phone apps, but it all comes down to parents helping kids understand the truth of who God is and what he says about them.

“You want to be the one who is helping them interpret what God is like, what theology is like, what was the point of the Bible story. You don’t want to just put them on a Bible app and walk away. Be a real, live human being sitting right next to them looking into their little eyes and heart and guiding them to some answers they will need some time in their life.”

Hello Mornings Habits

  • Take a moment to rest in God’s joy and his bigness before starting your God Time.
  • Make your place for God Time really pleasant with candles and your favorite morning drink.
  • Preparing ahead of time makes any habit easier to keep. Have a Quiet Time basket or area ready with devotion books, a Bible and a journal.
  • Make time to plan how you want to grow in the God each year and how to help your children grow in God.

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