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HM 28- God’s Truth Interrupts Insecurity with Kayla Aimee

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So many of us experience insecurity in various areas of our lives, especially in seasons of transition and change. Author Kayla Aimee shares her story of feeling like an imposter who didn’t measure up and how dwelling on God’s word helped her fight the lies she believed.

Listen in for practical tips and encouragement for fighting insecurity in your life and how to start your day off with God’s truth as your foundation.

“For many of us, insecurity is born out of a moment of feeling as though we don’t measure up. We internalize that and make that our inner monologue which breeds more self-doubt and insecurity… The Bible itself is a blueprint to really interrupt our insecurity. It is filled with promises of truth that tell us the truth about how God sees us.”

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Hello Mornings Habits

  • Have a morning robe and candles in a smell you really enjoy.
  • Write scriptures on your bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker.
  • Write down the lies you believe about yourself and find scriptures for each of them to replace the lies with truth.
  • Try to start your day without looking at social media so you can dwell in God’s truth first.
  • Have a playlist of powerful worship music to start your day. Kayla’s picks are No Longer Slaves from Bethel and It Is Well With My Soul.

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