Crystal Stine had a draining corporate job she put all her time and energy into. She planned to be in her job for a long time, but when the company cut her position and she had to redefine what healthy work and rest looked like.

“It took a big loss for me to finally realize that I was swinging back and forth from striving and trying to control things to resting to the extreme and binge-watching Netflix. On both sides of that swing, I wasn’t able to serve my family.”

Now she advocates the idea of the Holy Hustle where you do the work God has put before you and rest well when it is done.

”Being able to start your day understanding who you are working for gives you a lot of freedom– I have to remind myself that it’s not for me, it’s to help build God’s kingdom.”

Listen for more of Crystal’s story and some practicals advice on how to find a healthy balance between work and rest.

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