Image of Jackie Drew with the Text: Taking Ground with PrayersJackie Drew and her family started a small business called Rad Joy around the time her husband was laid off from his full-time job. They create custom wooden items including surrender crosses and beautiful boxes to organize your God Time resources called Rad Boxes.

Her story is one of seeing God’s faithfulness time and time again. We dive deep into a new resource she’s created for staying consistent in prayer for her family and community. She’s organized a binder covering different aspects of prayer to equip people to remain consistent.

“I think there are times when we just pray and go through this routine or list and we forget that we’re pleading with the God of the universe on behalf of people who are on our hearts. Jesus is sitting on the throne of God waiting for you to talk to him. It just gives me goosebumps”

When we talk, I share a picture of how when we consistently pray, we are taking ground back from the enemy and drawing fire away from those we are praying for. Just like this image of Wonder Woman taking ground.

GIF or moving image of Wonder Woman holding a shield to draw off bullets

We chat about God’s timing and how our prayers aren’t wasted. Sometimes we spend weeks or years waiting to see his plan and his timing for the breakthroughs we’re believing for. This reminded me of an Instagram post from Annie F. Downs that reminds us that God is ordering our steps. He sees us and He knows us.

Maybe today’s delayed flight was meant for me. For my good. Maybe I just needed a reminder that I can be at the right place at the right time, doing all the right things, and the plane still might not take off. I still might not get to my destination even though I thought I would. ….. The thing is even though everything looked good(ish) here, I couldn’t have known it was bad weather in another city that kept us grounded and actually, protected. I’ll never know all the reasons this plane didn’t fly when it was supposed to fly but the reasons are all right. Everyone in charge knows it. So I trust that. This is all out of my control but for my good. ….. I wish I could do in my life what I do on a delayed plane. I nap. I read. I sit. I trust the knowledgeable people in charge are doing all they can to get me where I want to go. They see and they know and are doing what is best for this plane full of humans. ….. I can’t see and know what God sees and knows, but I do know there is never a moment that God isn’t ordering my steps. And clearly I’m not just talking about this morning’s flight but as I looked out my window and waited I realized God was not just talking to me about this morning’s flight either. I haven’t had a “quiet time” 🙄 all week, but God was kind enough to delay this plane to remind me that He knows. ….. We are all waiting on something. All the time. We all want something(s) we don’t have. So I know you feel me on this. And whatever your delay, whatever you are waiting on, whatever plane is still sitting on the tarmac long after departure time- hey, I’m with you and it sucks. But it’s alright. God knows. 😘

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Hello Mornings Habits

  • Keep your Bible visible so that you pick it up throughout the day.
  • Begin prayer time with adoring God and declaring who he is.
  • Gratitude journaling can keep you centered on God’s goodness.
  • Have a separate calendar you use to organize your prayers by the week and month.
  • Keep answered prayers in a journal or write them down on sheets of paper and put them in a jar so you can see the faithfulness of God.

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