Speaker, author and founder of Noonday Collection, Jessica Honegger, opens up about going scared into spin class for the first time and how to build courage and habits.

“Courage is like building a muscle. It’s not that it keeps you from feeling the fear, courage is being able to feel the fear and do it anyway — not letting fear take the driver seat.”

We dive deep into habit formation, starting and restarting habits and how to reframe doing hard things.

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Hello Mornings Habits

  • Reframe the idea that forming/keeping a habit is hard. Think of it as taking effort.
  • Keep committed to the time you have for your exercise habit. The type of exercise can change, but the habit is consistent if you keep the appointment with yourself.
  • Forming a habit helps you conserve energy because it requires less effort to do something that is an established habit.
  • Persistence is more important than power or excitement. Persistence forms a habit that can last a lifetime.

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