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HM14- My Morning Story with Jess Connolly

By November 28, 2017 January 21st, 2018 One Comment

Jess Connolly shares about habits, holiness and running on mission for God. As a pastor’s wife, mom, entrepreneur and author, Jess has a different schedule every day. She doesn’t let that keep her from diving deep in the word of God, planning out her time and getting in exercise.

Listen as she opens up about what works for her varied morning routines and what keeps her centered on God’s purpose for her life.

“We need to experience grace, and that means not being perfect because we can’t be the experts in grace unless we need it.”

HelloMornings Habits

  • Take your bible with you everywhere so that it’s available when you have pockets of free time
  • Keep your to do list with you when you have your God Time.
  • Make time to pray while you complete tasks like filling out forms for your kids’ school
  • Planning out your time longer term, setting goals and writing a mission statement can help you say yes and no to the things that matter most.


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