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HM15- Boosting Breakfast with Allison Schaaf

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Chef, dietician and founder of Prep Dish, Allison Schaaf talks about breakfast, healthy habits and kitchen hacks.

Allison shares ideas for breakfasts including frittatas, breakfast hash, smoothies, even leftovers and anything with a fried egg on top.

“It’s all about setting yourself up for success. The more we can plan out our food in advance the better. We’re more likely to make a good decision if it’s already there and ready to go. If the vegetables are already chopped I’m going to eat them. If there’s a whole bag of carrots in the fridge, I may not eat them because I don’t want to take the time to chop them.”


HelloMornings Habits

  • Try to incorporate a healthy protein in your breakfast to energize you and keep your blood sugar balanced
  • Food before caffeine is gentler on your body
  • Set yourself up for success by prepping meals or meal components in advance
  • Try drinking warm or hot lemon water first thing in the morning


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