Looking Back {and giving forward}

By December 31, 2013This and That

You and I have chosen the hard road. Getting up early is not an easy task or a one-time deal. It is a decision we make again and again to live better, value the eternal, and desire God’s presence more than our comfort. 

God started a great work in each of us and continues that work every day. For many of us, God has used the ministry of HelloMornings as a catalyst to bring His purpose in our lives to completion. As the director of this ministry, it’s an incredible honor to be a part of His transformational work.

The Fruit of God’s Work

In 2013, women spent regular time in the Bible for the first time in their lives. Ladies learned to incorporated exercise and planning into their lives and experienced a deeper level of intentionality in their days. Groups encouraged one another towards a deeper relationship with Christ, prayed for one another, and leaned on one another in difficult times.

In short, God has been glorified through HelloMornings in 2013, and I can’t think of any other measure of “success” than that.

When God Smashes Your Plans …

I had grand fundraising plans for the last couple of months to meet our goals for our new website … plans that were to kick-off the same week I lost my brother. It has taken me everyday since to get up the energy to begin writing again. All along, though my flesh worried about my unmet goals and how the money would come in for our new website, I knew deep down that God will provide. He knows the needs of this ministry better than you and I and He alone is our provider.

… He’s about to Show His Glory

So, as we look back at the work of God in 2013 and look forward to 2014, today I ask you to just give. Whether it be $5, $50, or $500, would you prayerfully consider making an investment in the ministry of HelloMornings? We’ve set up a PayPal donations link for you to give however the Lord leads. Just click the button below.

Thank you for giving and investing in the future of the HelloMornings ministry! After you give, consider heading back here to leave a statement of praise to God for His work in your life through the HelloMornings ministry.

I can’t wait to read about God’s grace in your life!


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