Tip #10: Make an Investment

15 tips for the night owlWhen I first set out to take this get-up-early thing seriously, it seemed as if my kids had signed up for the HelloMornings challenge, too!

I kid you not—the very week I started getting up BEFORE them, they started waking up EARLIER.

This was incredibly frustrating.

A friend suggested a special alarm clock to help keep my kids in bed while I was getting up. My first thought was, “no way I am going to spend $30 on a dumb clock!” But after a few more weeks of frustration—and failed attempts to keep my early risers in bed—I decided it would be a good investment.

$30 well spent.

Invest in tools that will help you succeed.

In that season of life, the clock was a tool used to help me connect with God in the mornings. You may not have kids, or yours may be grown to the stage where you are trying to get them out of bed in the mornings! Regardless of where you are, there will be challenges that arise.

We need to expect that these barriers will come. ‘Cause they will. And when they do—and they begin to keep you from maximizing your early morning moments—be prepared to do something about it.

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It may be a new study Bible because you are up and in the Word, but not quite sure what you are reading about. Or maybe you need a study basket, filled with a journal and some nice pens, because you (like me) fall asleep if you attempt to pray in your head. You might consider a fancy coffee maker with a timer, house slippers that reduce the noise your tip-toeing makes along the wood floors, or a workout video that fits into your routine (this one’s on my wish list!)

I am certainly not telling you to blow your budget; but sometimes, when we want something bad enough we need to put our money where our mouth is and be willing to invest in the areas that need change. It may just involve sacrificing other things.

My focus during this next HelloMornings challenge will be more towards planning, and just tonight I purchased this great bundle of ebooks to get the ball rolling on my meal planning. And since I’ve made an investment, I am more likely to do something with these tools.

What are a few tools you’ve invested in? I’ve linked to some of my favorite HelloMornings tools throughout this post, but I’d love to hear yours as well!

What barriers do you face in the morning, and what tool do you think might help you get past the hurdle? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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This is tip #10 of 15 Transformational Tips for the Night Owl


  • Sandy Koca says:

    I think I might invest in an app to wake me up slowly, and an extension cord so I can plug it in across the room!

  • Ana says:

    Hi, I found some apps that are helping me to really get OUT OF BED, one is call ” Walk Me Up” its free for androids what it does is like this: we have to go some steps depending on how many we set, and the alarm won’t stop until we do it, it’s awesome. the other one It’s call ” I can’t wake up”, and this one we can set some math problems like (10+6) x (6-3), or we can set puzzles, and other as well. with the math problems its good idea to have the calculator in other room in order to solve them, unless we have a very sharp mind to solve them, that’s not my case, sadly. the last one is “Wake Up or Die”, this is the android (the small green alien or whatever it really is, jaja) making a very loud noise like a monster who want to eat and won’t stop until we shake the phone very well. I Hope it work for some of you, and they’re FREE.

  • Get Set says:

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  • Elizabeth Bagnol says:

    Also investing in a nice daily planner and looking at it before I go to bed helps! I’m a planner and working on following through with my plans that look great on paper;)

  • Elizabeth Bagnol says:

    i think about how much time I have left before my children get up when I am snoozing. I intend to stop snoozing regularly:) Love the tip of setting the alarm 30 min. after my wake hour instead of snoozing, and accepting that my body may need that extra 30 min. Still working on it and glad I’m figuring it out with you all.

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  • Cheryl Hockett says:

    yes, the first few days I started trying this my kids DID start waking up earlier. I was very frustrated and about to say “what’s the point, why am I doing this”. But I figure that with God’s help I know I can make this work because it’s something he’s for too. And if God is for me who can be against me. Glad to hear I’m not alone in seeing challenges arise.

  • Priscill says:

    Thank you for this post this morning! I am a mom of 3 (6,3,1) and every time I set the alarm to get up earlier one of the two oldest ends up waking up before my alarm even has a chance to go off! Has been so frustrating and I had given up my commitment. This has re-newed me…I am going to try one of these clocks!! I really want a better start to our days and I know it has to start with me getting the right start! It has been too many years!! Thanks again!!

    • Joyce Moy says:

      Paige, I totally feel you on this, and understand your frustrations. There are days when I just get started on my Bible study and hear those little footsteps coming. I really try to not be frustrated by this, and just accept that maybe we can snuggle while I get just 5 minutes in the Word, or we can even read a children’s Bible together, or the older one can do her own HelloMornings time. 🙂 It is definitely a season of life that we have juggle interruptions. Have you seen the morning basket that Kat has put together for her kids to do if they wake up during her HelloMornings time?

  • Danielle says:

    Also, that I’ve been gearing up for the next challenge, and being more serious about getting up, and. . . surprise surprise . . . sleepy heads are wandering down the hallway earlier than ever. How do they know!!

  • Danielle says:

    I just wanted to comment that I bought that same ebook bundle. I’m pretty confident in my current recipe collection and finding what I need if I want something new, but I still found these to be very helpful. Food I will actually make (and have already made!) that is fast, simple, and nourishing. I really recommend this bundle, and I don’t get anything for saying that. 🙂 I’m just adding the ones I like the best straight into Plan to Eat as I’m reading through the books.

  • Barb Kennedy says:

    I like the sunrise lamp it sounds like an investment I wouldn’t mine trying. I really have no one to interrupt me. Only my oldest son who lives up the street from me woke me yesterday 15 min. before my alarm he wanted to borrow the shovel to shovel my drive way and his. How can I refuse anyone whose willing to shovel for me. By time he had coffee and breakfast which I made for him being a good mom. It was time for me to get ready for work and leave I think I had 8min in prayer. I had to laugh because everything and anything will come against you when you try to spent time with God. But my biggest problem I don’t sleep good at night and I was never a morning person. I do love the snooze button. I know that it takes disciple and time and I believe that God is please with the efforts that we try even when it pityful.

  • Alexis says:

    What are these sleep apps called? I’m intrigued.

    • Joyce Moy says:

      Alexis, The app I have is called Sleep as Android Unlock. Sleep as Android is the free 14-day(?) trial. It is just on my Android phone. I’m sure iPhone has something like this too. There is also something called Gentle Alarm…not sure if it does tracking though, but does gently wakes you up. 🙂

  • Joyce Moy says:

    Yes, why do they seem to join in with the challenge, esp on that first week? :p Definitely right about making an investment! I got a sleep app on my phone which tracks a bunch of stuff and has a nifty alarm feature, but it was only a 14-day free trial. Tracking my sleep those 2 weeks made a difference in my habits, and I decided to pay for the full features. It has been great. It’s not a lot of money to spend/invest, but I normally only use free apps, so it was a small sacrifice and it has helped me to better see how much sleep I was actually getting, and stay accountable to getting better sleep.

  • Tiffany says:

    I want a coffee maker with a timer! Right now I use a french press since I’m the only one in the house that drinks it, but it’s too labor intensive and disrupts my time.

    • Joyce Moy says:

      Tiffany, I can’t think of any small coffee makers that have a timer, but they usually are pretty quick. I don’t drink much coffee, so we don’t have a maker at home, but I do like using them when we stay in hotels during our travels. Some of them are done in less than 2 minutes.

  • Joey says:

    My kids are waking so early this week it makes me nervous to begin… I have a 3year old and a 9 month.. Is the stay in bed clock appropriate for a 3 year old?? How so you handle babies? My 9 month old is such an early riser 🙁 they get it from their dad not me haha

    • Paige says:

      Earlier this summer I was dealing with the same problem! They finally stayed in bed longer as the sun rose later, but I’m guessing summer will bring it back again. I have to go to sleep immediately after they do in order to get up before they do. Mine are 3 and 1, and I know a stay-in-bed-until-alarm would not work here! Yesterday I actually did my 15 pushups with my 1yo sitting on my back. Talk about a workout!
      I’ve decided to try for 5 min before them in morning… Good luck!

  • Laurie says:

    Something that has helped me with getting up in the morning and not hitting the snooze button is a sunrise lamp. It is a lamp that comes on at low lighting 30 minutes (or however much you set it for) before my set time for the alarm. It then gradually gets brighter until it is at full intensity when my alarm does go off. I’ll admit that they can be a bit pricey but it was worth the investment to me. (shop around online for best price) I had found that getting up in the morning was much easier when I was at my family’s beach house….where light slowly flooded my room with the morning sunrise. I also awoke more naturally and refreshed. However, my room at home tends to be very dark because I have little windows and dark shades. I was waking up in a terribly groggy state. I was uncomfortable with leaving the shades up to let the sun in so…I got a sunrise lamp. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to have a dog sleeping with me…smile…another good investment. Talk about putting the pavlovian dog into action…the light coming on….the alarm going off…..do you think she is going to let me hit the snooze? She does let me sometimes but most times…she is letting me know….”Mom, it is time to get up!”


    • Laurie says:

      The link at the bottom is for the same sunrise lamp that I use.

    • Joyce Moy says:

      Laurie, How neat! I have a sleep app on my phone that monitors body movements, etc, and the alarm will go off 10 minutes before or after the designated time based on when you are “ready” to be easily awaken. And the alarm also gradually gets louder, like how the light gets brighter, rather than a rude awakening that will give you a heart attack. I don’t know if I only “think” it works, but I feel like it does! :p

      • Shannon says:

        What app? Do you wear it on your body? I’m curious about this!

        • Joyce Moy says:

          Shannon, The app I have is called Sleep as Android Unlock. Sleep as Android is the free 14-day(?) trial. It is just on my Android phone. I’m sure iPhone has something like this too. There is also something called Gentle Alarm…not sure if it does tracking though, but does gently wakes you up. I do know that there are sleep trackers that you can wear too, but I can’t image that it’s the most comfortable option. :p

      • Laurie says:

        I’ve heard about those and wondered about them. Glad to know it works for you…might have to check it out myself.

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