Tip #11: Manage Your Expectations

This HelloMornings thing is hard.

Going to bed at a decent hour is hard.

Getting out of bed is hard.

Jumping out of bed once, out of sheer determination and excitement for a new change is one thing. Rising early, day after day, month after month, year after year? That is a whole different ballgame.

Manage Your Expectations

This is so important, friends. We must see this change as a long-term, slow-going, delayed-gratification journey.

Transformation does not come overnight.

There WILL be days you hit snooze. You WILL stay up way too late. And just when you begin to gain morning-time-momentum, unexpected changes WILL come and take the wind out of your sails.

Expect interruptions in your sleep. Expect sickness. Expect little ones to want to join you in your new-found early morning hideout.

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On the days you don’t make it up, take the extra sleep as a gift and get back to your baby steps for the next sunrise. When bad habits take over and you find yourself burning the midnight oil yet again, don’t waste energy feeling defeated, set your bedtime alarm and start over tonight.

Persevere, ladies!!

His mercies are new EVERY morning. (Even when you hit snooze.)


  • Sandy Koca says:

    I used to be doing better at this, but right now I’m floundering. Good to know I can start over!

  • Elizabeth Bagnol says:

    Love the tips and comments, especially that transformation doesn’t come over night and that we can always go back to baby steps.

  • […] Tip #11: Manage Your Expectations […]

  • AWE-SOME reminder! Thank you, Katie and thank you, Lord Jesus.

  • Alyssa says:

    I really should get up EARLIER right now I only have about 15 min for BIble study.

    • Joyce Moy says:

      Alyssa, I always end up going back to the baby steps tip. Slowly and surely, we will get it! Whether we study 15 or 50 minutes, He sees our hearts and our longing to draw closer to Him.

  • Margaret says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I couldn’t sleep last night. Even though I was in bed on time and followed my routine, I just lay there for almost 2 1/2 hrs before I finally could sleep. And then morning came earlier than I could manage. I definitely need to work on my evening routine before I’ll truly get the hang of mornings…

    • Joyce Moy says:

      Margaret, I know those nights well. I have slowly gotten the mornings and waking up, but nights are sometimes tough. It helps me to have a checklist, so maybe we can write down our bedtime routine.

  • This was perfect for me today. Day 1, I was up and at ’em! And then I can’t believe by Day 2, I stayed up too late and pressed the snooze button way too many times, ahem. Then checked my emails and THIS was the topic of today’s Tip!! LOVE IT!. Loved this line “His mercies are new EVERY morning. (Even when you hit snooze.)” Thanks Katie!!

  • Brandy Bunch says:

    Day # 2: It was harder to get up today but I got up right away even though I really did want to hit the snooze I read,wrote and prayed. It’s nice to have quiet time to myself well just me and God 🙂 I learned today that Hope is not wishfull thinking in the bible it is ” Firm Conviction” I don’t have the wishfull thinking of all of Gods promises I have the FIRM CONVICTION that even though I go through hard times I have faith I know what I am promised that I will be on them streets of gold one day and all this will go away.I was reminded in my prayers this morning of Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you saith the Lord Plans for a Hope and a Future.

    Love and Blessings Brandy Bunch

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