My HelloMornings Story

My HelloMornings Story: Marlen – Blended Family

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marlenI am a native Marylander, wife to Rick for 15 years, Momma to 5 (25 years old – 11 years old), MoMo to 3, blended family, and full-time special education teacher’s assistant.





What does your morning look like?

I wake up at 6:15 a.m. and go to bed at 11 p.m. – earlier if I am not doing homework since I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree in education. I am usually showered and ready for the day for my morning times. I have breakfast during HelloMornings and love iced hazelnut coffee. The weekend schedule varies according to whether or not kiddos have activities or we have the grandkiddos.


What does your HelloMornings time look like?

I have been a part of HelloMornings for three years in the Facebook group that I currently lead right now. The items that are a part of my routine are: Bible/iPhone Bible app and binder with HM study pages. I love using pencil, thin black Sharpie marker, or a highlighter. I don’t normally listen to music during my HelloMornings time, although I love Francesca Battistelli and Hillsong Worship. For my planning time, I just use a planner I bought at Target. I text reminders to myself, so I use my phone, too. I normally work out in the evenings/after work, but will do some light strength training/stretches in the morning. This is the area I definitely need to be more consistent in though. My kiddos are 11 and 13, so they are getting ready in the house while I am doing HM, but I like it when they see me reading or praying. I have always struggled with rising early – sleeping in/napping is my spiritual gift, so I used to do HM more in the evenings then in the mornings during some sessions. I am doing it more in the mornings now. I can see a positive difference.


What are some words of wisdom you have for our HelloMornings community?

I give myself a lot of grace and just start again the next morning when I miss a morning. The hardest part of HelloMornings is getting in the MOVE part in the AM and consistently getting up early. The advice I have for someone just starting out with a morning routine is that this is a process, just like anything in life. Give yourself grace and just enjoy whatever time you are getting to spend with the Lord. Each season is different. Sometimes I wait until after I drop off my daughter at school and then do HM. It is a bit later in the morning than I’d like, but the house is quieter once everyone is off to school/work. My kiddos are up earlier than me sometimes.


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Thank you, Marlen, for sharing YOUR HelloMornings story with us.

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  • Erika Janifer says:

    Hi Marlen,

    I’ve been looking at the site because I’ve been praying about getting up in the morning. I am a die-hard night person. Your story resonated with me BC it doesn’t seem like you’re a morning person either. What are some of the ways you make yourself get up?



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