It could only be Jesus!

We often miss the complex richness of God’s intricate work in giving us Jesus. Christ was sent to fulfill all five of the main Levitical offerings that were given by God to help a sinful mankind live in close proximity to a holy God without being punished for their sins.

What does this mean? Simply stated, it means that our loving, holy God sent His very own Son to meet His demands for covering sin and reconciling mankind to Himself (2 Corinthians 5:18).

This gift is so intricate that we are sure of this: not just anyone could come and claim to be the savior of the world, and not just anything could ever take this savior’s place. It could only be Jesus! Join us for this study of the Christmas story and prophecy fulfilled.

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  • Beth says:

    Julianna, it really is. I did it last year right Bout this same time. I put down every other book so my attention was Uber focused on it. It’s not a hard to understand study written by Theologians using 1,756 letters long words in a lecture.
    It comes from a woman’s heart and and straight to the heart of the reader. I hope you decide to try it.

  • Julianne Wiley says:

    Looks like a great study

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