The Hello Mornings Productivity Course

Everything you need to get organized for good.

A 4-week course that will help you eliminate overwhelm, establish order and take action.

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Eliminate Overwhelm

Learn my Step-by-Step process for lightening your load an gaining clarity.

Establish Order

Know exactly where you're headed and how you'll get there.

Take Action

End procrastination and learn the balance of efficient work and renewing rest. 

All The Training You Need To Create YOUR Plan

3+ hours of training broken up into bite sized lessons. 

The Mission Statement Workshop, 5-Step Planning Process, Review & Preview Audio Walkthroughs and more!


Crystal M. - Oklahoma

"One of my favorite things I learned was how a mission statement can bring freedom from comparison.

As stated in the workshop, when I know who I am and who God made me to be it gives me freedom from comparing myself to others."

All The Tools You Need to Get It Done

The course and Inspired To Action Planner are designed to help you organize your days so that you can live a  powerful and purposeful life.

With planning pages, goal sheets, menu plans and more, the Planner has everything you need to get your life in order. And keep it that way. 


"Kat Lee's course will help you with efficiency and productivity whether you are a working mom, stay-at-home mom, homeschooling, etc.

The tools and resources you will receive are invaluable no matter what season of life you are in.

If you feel stuck, don't know where to begin or just need extra encouragement...this course is for you! I promise you, you will not be disappointed!"

All The Support You Need To Stay On Track

Every lesson includes a discussion space where I'll answer all your questions and where students can encourage and inspire one another.

You'll also get a full training on our powerful "Review & Preview" process, so you not only GET on track, but you STAY on track.

(And we also offer an optional "Accountability Bundle" with follow up tools and resources delivered for a full year!)

Alicia S. - Mississippi

"This course had filled the void others have left for me...

It starts the planning process at a point that lays a foundation integral to finally developing a successful planning strategy for myself, my home and my family."

What Will You Learn In This 4-Week Course?

Week 1: Create Your Vision

  • Create your personal mission statement

Week 2: Laying the Foundation

  • Learn to set goals that stick
  • Tie your mission statement and goals to your daily task list
  • Use the planning pages to stay on track

Week 3: Managing Your Tasks

  • Eliminate overwhelm with the "3 hats"
  • Learn the 5 step system for productivity

Week 4: Staying Focused

  • Create your own Morning Anchor Plan
  • Learn the power of Review and Preview

Plus audio Review walkthroughs, (optional) monthly email follow up reminders, inspirational bonus trainings and so much more!


"The Hello Mornings Planning Course is wonderful. It starts from the foundation - your personal mission statement - and then builds on it to include goal setting, planning and review.

The power of a Mission Statement finally clicked for me when Kat Lee said, "It's easier to say no when you know what you are saying yes to." 

Take the class and do the work-it will truly change your life!"

Meet Your Instructor:

Hi! My name is Kat Lee.

I'm an author, podcaster, speaker, wife and mom of 3 teens. And I'm passionate about helping you live out God's plan for your life. 

This course is designed to help you get organized, create a plan and make it happen.

We can do this together!

Lorena S. - Mexico

"For me, this course was life-changing! I feel in control of my time and my life 😍  Thank you Kat for creating this amazing resource for us. BIG Hugs!"

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Normally $147

Course Includes:

  • 3+ hours of planning & productivity training 
  • Bite-sized lessons
  • Mission Statement Workshop
  • Reusable Yearly Planner
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 Course Includes:

  • All Content
  • Community and Coaching

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Aleigh P. - Texas

"This course takes you from being motivated about planning to actually doing it!

Kat’s course is simple, but practical, and provides you all the resources you need to start now.

My favorite item was the weekly time evaluation worksheet in the Inspired to Action planner. It’s amazing how much time is available to meet my goals when I break it all down."

Sabeth K. - Hawaii

"If you are a human this course is a worthwhile investment!

It doesn’t matter what stage of life, career path, or community you are a part of.

These values put into practical action steps will guarantee bring change wherever you find yourself. This course will altar your hours, days, months, and the legacy you leave behind in all the right ways!"

Patti P - North Carolina

"This course will walk you step-by-step from creating a mission statement, to setting short-term and long-term goals, as well as provide a planner with instructions and examples of how to use the planner.

It clearly presents the information and I felt as though I was sitting at a table with Kat Lee while she explained her processes, systems, and methods to me.

It is truly a course worth immersing yourself in and building a framework for every area of your life."

Kat S. - Texas

"There are so many courses out there with complex steps with planning and being more productive that you end up losing sight on what’s really important. Through this course I’ve been able to create a stable, personalized anchor with God on what truly is important in my life and a simple process that flourishes growth."