The Hello Mornings Boot Camp

A 28-day guided morning audio series.

Simple. Powerful.

A simple and powerful way to build a consistent morning routine.

What Is The Hello Mornings Boot Camp?

  • 28-day journey designed to help you build a simple but powerful morning routine. 
  • Daily audios guide you through the 3-Minute Morning routine. 
  • A short power-packed daily teaching about habit building will help you make it a life long practice.
  • Bonus in-depth training will help you build on your 3-Minute Morning foundation.

"Thank you so much for these audios. They have changed my mornings!"

- Jennifer D.

Purposeful Mornings

Start each morning with clarity, peace and purpose. 

Just Press Play

Building a morning routine has never been so simple...or impactful.

No More Guilt

Connect with God, plan your day, live healthy. All in 3-Minutes.

"THANK YOU!! I struggled with remaining consistent in my time with God, but this small and reachable goal is something I can build on for the rest of my life."

- Maria H.

The Perfect Jumpstart For Your Morning Routine

Brand New To Morning Routines?

In the Boot Camp, I will walk you through the 3-Minute Morning routine and then teach you simple ways to grow.

Need To Restart Your Morning Routine?

The Boot Camp is the perfect jumpstart. It’ll get you motivated again and teach you ways to overcome obstacles that arise.

Sneak Peek

Want to see how the Hello Mornings Boot Camp works? Watch this...


How To Join The Boot Camp


  • 28-Day Audio Series 
  • Printable Workbook
  • Access via Email, App, Website
  • Guided 3-Minute Morning
  • plus Habit Building Teaching
  • plus Bonus Morning Training
  • plus bonus morning printables 
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My No Risk Guarantee

I know it can be scary to buy courses online, so here is my guarantee:

If you complete the Boot Camp and you didn't feel like it helped you or was worth the investment, just send proof of your completed workbook OR a 150 word essay sharing why it wasn't a fit for you and I will give you a COMPLETE refund.

❤️ Kat Lee

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Scholarship Option


I believe deeply that the Hello Mornings Boot Camp can change lives. I've seen it happen. 

I want everyone to have access. 

If the cost isn't in your budget scroll down for our scholarship option. 

If you want the Boot Camp I want to make it possible for you!

I'm interested in a Scholarship

Hi! My name is Kat Lee...

I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to help you build the habit of a consistent, Christ-centered morning routine. 

This simple habit has changed my life. The Hello Mornings Boot Camp is designed to help you transform yours.

"Waking up FOR my life and not TO my life is game-changing. Kat walks us all through how to make this a reality in our day-to-day lives!"

Jamie Ivey - Author, Podcaster, Speaker

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Scholarship Offer

This has been a crazy year. Many people are struggling financially, and we everyone to have the help they need to build GREAT MORNINGS. That's way we have a VERY SPECIAL offer that allows ANYONE to access our Boot Camp.


No Cost Option

Submit a 1000 word essay about how a morning routine will impact your life and we will give you access to the Self-Paced Boot Camp (a 28-day journey) for 60 days at no cost.


Simply email your 1000 word essay to [email protected] 

(Yes, it really has to be 1000 words or more. Use to double check your word count before submitting.)


Why do we request an Essay? 

Because we all value what we invest in. We take your mornings seriously and we want you to do the same.

(and, no, we won't edit or grade the essay. EVERYONE who submits a *1000 word* essay gets access AND an A for effort!)


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