The #1 Killer of a Goal

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Want to know what the #1 killer of momentum is for me?


In fact, perfectionism is not only a momentum sucker, it’s a road-blocker. Oftentimes, I find myself, ready to start on a goal, all set with my tools and awesome pinterest boards, and then . . . nothing.

Afraid to fail, I never give it a chance.

This time of year, I am about ready to dive deeper in the the Bible than ever before, exercise everyday, start cooking every night, spend hours of quality time with each of my family members . . .  you get the picture.

Too much planning leads to too many goals. Too many goals inevitably leads to feeling incredibly overwhelmed, and my well-laid plans quickly become burdensome, guilt-ridden, and nothing more than a list of words in my pretty Moleskine.

So, today let’s loosen our grip on perfection and just go. We’ve prayed, prepared, and now it’s time to start — and just take baby-steps of obedience toward what God is calling us to.

Just go.

Just Go

What keeps you from taking the first step toward meeting your goals?


  • AMEN sister. Perfectionism is my biggest struggle in my planning. I want everything to be great and big and the best and…perfect! My goal is to loosen my grip on perfection, as you have advised, and just go. I like that. Thanks.

  • Oh boy, can I relate to this one?! I’m a frustrated perfectionist, because as we all know, perfection will not be achieved in this life. For me it’s a daily laying down of my plans in favor of His, and I’m not very good at that. I enjoy the planning – the setting up, the colorful pens and journal, the various Bibles with different translations, the Pin boards with motivational sayings – but the actual follow-through isn’t nearly as much fun. I think maybe that’s because when I’m planning I can still fantasize about the ideal results but when I’m actually doing it I’m faced with less than perfect results because that’s what we all are: less than perfect. Reality just isn’t as appealing as my fantasy. And yet I keep getting up and starting all over again, and again, and again. 🙂

  • Marilyn Saxon says:

    Perfectionism definitely is the goal killer for me! If I can’t do it all and perfectly, I give up on the whole plan. I feel overwhelmed and guilty for not being perfect. This year I am not over-extending myself. There are so many good things to do onlne, books to read, Bible reading plans, etc. Sometimes I think I must do them all. But this year I want “simple” with flexible structure. I am praying to confirm that my plans are God’s plans for me. I choose to be free from my old rules and submitted to God for His plans and goals for me. Doing everything is NOT the best for me. Getting God’s vision of His goals for me is what I am aiming for and I will give myself GRACE to not be perfect.

  • Renee says:

    I was so excited about doing this and doing that in the new year. I planned this and planned that. I have journals and all little neat things to help me meet my goals for 2014 trying to have everything all perfect and then here it is only day 3 into the new year and I am bummed out already thinking what if I this year turns out to be like the last few years. Are the goals I set for myself even what God wants me to do! Thanks for this post, it really helped me to stop seeking perfection in accomplishing my goals but to seek God to help me accomplish what He see’s fit for me to do.

  • Denyse says:

    I find it really hard to look forward to and focus on the future while the past is still on my mind. A relationship which I considered as with the ‘love of my life’ ended so I could follow my true path with God and I’m still in love with him . . .

    • Brandy Bunch says:

      @ Denyse, you prob.already have but lay your past at Jesus feet let him throw it away to be never picked back up and know that Jesus is the love of your life and your life after this one.You chose God and you will be blessed!!!
      I am married to my earthly best friend Jesus is my Everything.I love my husband but we both know God comes first
      Just wanted to tell you that I think your awesome and look fwd to your future because it is going to be blessed and highly favored.:)

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