Time of Silence {And a Time to Pray!}

By February 3, 2014Motivation, This and That

We are busy, busy bees behind the HelloMornings scene. I cannot tell you how excited I am to show you our new site! In fact, we’re going to be a bit quiet around here while we get everything ready for the next challenge.

While we take a break here on the blog, let’s take time to pray in the weeks to come. Here are several request we are trusting God for in the weeks ahead:

  • Provision of time and energy to work through the details of the new site.
  • Endurance for our leaders who are giving their leftover time each day to this ministry.
  • Provision of our financial needs.
  • Prepared hearts for the next challenge; for many new women to engage in the HelloMornings community.
  • That HelloMornings would be an instrument for God’s glory!

Leave your prayer in the comments below. Let’s ask God to do mighty works in and through our lives in the coming months!


  • Kelly Smith says:

    I’m just coming across a lot of directions and old but pertinent posts now. And they are very helpful. Hello mornings has always been confusing place for me to find information. I wish there was some kind of table of contents like when we were taught in junior high with the with everything laid out. Maybe a front page of Roman numerals to ALL of the lessons contained here. LOL And IT JUST seems like there’s such a wealth of information hiding in secret places on here that I’m running into everywhere that I go. I know a few months ago with the first lesson that I took, I had no idea that the whole point of hello mornings was to wake up early, read your Bible, and exercise. And these are your basic foundation. I just thought I was in the Bible study. I did see your exercise tracker, and the wake up early handout, but I didn’t realize that they were principles that you encouraged to be helpful. I thought they were some nice extras not a way of life. It was only months later, that God put it in my heart, to wake up early and get on my knees, and pray in the morning before my son woke up, and I got into a Bible study daily, and I started walking daily. And I realized what a CHANGE that made in my life. And I do believe the seeds were planted in this group. Although I did not consciously make the connection until weeks into taking that action of the changed lifestyle. Thank you, my life is so different, and my maturity as a Christian and my obedience to God is on such a different level!

    Kelly Smith

  • Sheena says:

    Praying God will use this challenge to help more women to put him first and enrich their lives as it has mine =)

  • asking God to supply everything and everybody to accomplish His will in this endevor.

  • RNG says:

    I usually don’t do this, plz pray for my husband’s business. It’s doing awful. We are praying for a miracle. Thank you!

  • Faith says:

    I so love all that you do to help encourage and build faith in the lives of so many women. I will prayer for all your needs listed above during your down time and looking forward to seeing the all the blessings God is going to bring through the lives of others when you return!

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