The 3-Minute Morning Audio Series

Guided morning audios delivered to your Inbox. Simple. Powerful.

Delivered to Your Inbox

Our 21-day audio series is delivered daily right to your inbox. 

Just Press Play

Whether you’re in bed or on the go, we’ll help you start the day strong.

No Willpower Required

 Starting a morning routine can be hard. We make it easy.

"“Thank you for this...I always struggle with remaining consistent in time with God, and this small and reachable goal gives me encouragement that it really is something I can do for the rest of my life, building on it as God shows me more of Himself as I meet with Him each day. THANK YOU!!”"

- Maria H.

What You Get With the Series...

Wake up with an email and audio in your inbox. Click play and let us make the time in your hectic morning to simply focus on what matters most. Each audio contains a guided walkthrough of the 3-Minute Morning and ends with a 3-minute encouragement to help you build your morning routine into a lifelong habit.

"“Thank you so much for this resource!”"

Jennifer D

The Perfect Jumpstart For Your Morning Routine

Brand New To Morning Routines?

If you’ve never had a morning routine before or just don’t know how to begin, the 3-Minute Morning audio series is the perfect place to start. We walk you through the daily routine and then teach you simple ways to grow.

Need To Restart Your Morning Routine?

Life can get crazy and knock our routines off track. If you need a kickstart, the 3-Minute Morning audio series is the perfect resource for you. We’ll get you motivated again and teach you ways to overcome those pesky obstacles that arise.

Are you ready for great mornings?

Imagine one year from now. What will your life look like? An exceptional life is built morning by morning. Today’s the day to begin building yours…




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