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 Morning Routine?

 Hectic mornings? | Wake up overwhelmed? | No time for a morning routine? 

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Hi! My name is Kat Lee...

I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to help you build the habit of a consistent, Christ-centered morning routine. 

This simple habit has changed my life. I'd love to tell you all about it.

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The Hello Mornings Book 

From inspiration to in-depth research, the Hello Mornings book has everything you need to build a powerful life-long morning routine.

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Most people wake up feeling overwhelmed.

At Hello Mornings, we show you how to build a CONSISTENT morning routine so you wake up feeling purposeful AND peaceful.

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Jamie Ivey - Author, Podcaster, Speaker

"Waking up FOR my life and not TO my life is game-changing. Kat walks us all through how to make this a reality in our day-to-day lives!"

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Chrystal Evans Hurst - Author, Speaker

"Practical encouragement no woman should be without! Kat Lee has written a manual that will help you develop the mindset and intentional habits to meet your day proactively instead of reacting to your day when you wake up."

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Sally Clarkson - Author, Podcaster, Speaker

"I want to give this book to all the women I know. It is a rare treasure. The principles described will transform your life by motivating you to understand how to have a deep, meaninful relationship with God in all of your seasons."

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Our Morning Success Path:

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Stage 1: Begin Your Morning Routine

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Stage 2: Build Your Morning Routine

Learn to develop your new habit.

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Stage 3: Breakthrough Mornings

Mornings are just the start. 

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