Join a community of women building purposeful morning rhythms.

Introducing the Hello Mornings Academy...

Build your own peaceful, purposeful & productive morning routine...

Peaceful (Never confused)

Start your day confidently with our Daily Morning Routine - a simple guide for God, Plan & Move Time.

Purposeful (Never alone)

Let us come alongside you in the journey: weekly check-ins, monthly meetings & workshops.

Productive (Never stuck)

Our library of resources will guide you step-by-step through building a morning routine and purpose-filled life.

Hi! My name is Kat Lee...

I'm an author, speaker, podcaster, wife, mom of 3ā€¦and Iā€™m passionate about helping Christian women begin each day feeling connected to God, clear about their purpose and full of energy to live it out.

Does any of this feel familiar…?

  • You’ve tried to have a morning routine but couldn’t make it stick?
  • Sometimes it’s hard to even get out of bed in the morning?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?
  • Does it feel impossible to stay connected to God, tackle your to do list AND make healthy choices?

You’re in the right place and we're here to help!

The Hello Mornings Academy was designed for you:

Your Daily Morning Guide

A daily guide for your morning routine that provides a simple start for your God, Plan & Move Time.

Your Morning Jump Start

The Boot Camp is our signature 28-Day journey to start (or jumpstart) your morning routine.

Your In-Depth Studies

Dozens of Audio, PDF and Email Bible Studies to keep you going all year long.


Fun Challenges

30-Day Challenge Kits to equip you in whatever area you want to grow. 

Music Motivation

Curated playlists each month for your God Time, Plan Time and Move Time.


Yearly planner, scripture prints, prayer calendars, action plans and more!

"This content is AMAZING!! There are three weeks left for me this year. Iā€™m going to take these weeks to create my personal inventory document and canā€™t wait to use it as a catalyst into the new year living as God created me to live!!!"

- Sabeth K.

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Are you ready for great mornings?

Imagine one year from now. What will your life look like? An exceptional life is built morning by morning. Todayā€™s the day to begin building yoursā€¦

Monthly Membership



  • Daily Morning Guide
  • Daily community support
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Pop-Up Accountability Groups
  • Monthly Co-Working Sessions
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Library of courses, studies & resources
  • Clarity, Community, Content

Yearly Membership only



  • 2 months free (vs. monthly)
  • Daily Morning Guide ($60 value)
  • Daily community support ($60 value)
  • Yearly Curriculum ($97 value)
  • Monthly Journals ($120 value)
  • Peaceful Productivity Course ($67 value)
  • Monthly AccountabilityĀ Space ($60 value)
  • Monthly Co-Working Sessions ($60 value)
  • Monthly Workshops ($40 value)
  • Library of courses, studies & resources ($300 value)
  • Free access to the Dwell Audio Bible App ($70+ value)
  • Complete list in FAQ section below...

"It's excellently organized, easy to navigate, there are clear explanations of every resource, and so much is offered. You knocked it out of the park!"

- Ali S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Immediate Access To:

  • The Daily Morning Guide
  • Thriving Community Access
  • Dozens of Bible Studies (Audios, PDF, Email Access)
  • The Hello Mornings Boot Camp
  • The Inspired To Action Planner
  • The Hello Mornings Productivity Course
  • Dozens of Printables for your mornings
  • Monthly live workshops
  • All In-depth Bible Studies 
  • 300+Bible Study daily audios 
  • Hello Mornings Boot Camp
  • Mission Statement Workshop 
  • Inspired To Action Planner 
  • Habit based video teachings 
  • New Resources Monthly 
  • Private Community
  • Live monthly Q&A’s

Accessible via any device.

Yes! Our site is 100% mobile friendly. You can access all the Academy content and our community right from your phone.

First of all, we are 100% committed to your success. So as long as you're committed to your growth, we're confidentĀ this community will be the right fit for you. We are accessible to you directly via messaging in our community and can even schedule 1-on-1 calls to make SURE you get the help you need.Ā 

Due to the digital nature of our resources and the vast quantity of downloadable content within our Academy, memberships can be cancelled at any time but not refunded.

Again, though, we are here for you ALL along the way, so we are confident that you will benefit from your membership.

Everything you need to create rhythms for peaceful, purposeful & productive days...

Content: Our Library

Get our Daily Morning Routine plus a HUGE library of content with everything you need to build your morning routine and beyond. 

Community: Daily Connection

Let us come alongside you in the journey: Share a goal, ask questions, get encouragement and make new friends!

Coaching: Live Workshops

Stuck? Have questions? Join us  in our live workshops and co-working sessions.


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