Starting a Morning Routine Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Introducing the Hello Mornings Academy...

A Roadmap for Your Mornings

With our roadmap you always know what to study next.

A Library of Resources

All the God Time, Plan Time and Move Time Resources you need. Studies, workshops, printables and more.

Our Community

Let us come alongside you in the journey. Wisdom and encouragement to keep you going.

Hi! My name is Kat Lee...

…and I’m passionate about helping Christian women begin each day feeling connected to God, clear about their purpose and full of energy to live it out.

My Story...

I remember hitting rock bottom…

I was an exhausted new mom of 3 little kids and I’d just had a terrible horrible no good very bad day…and it wasn’t even noon yet.
I wasn’t the mom or wife or friend I wanted to be. I felt like I was always behind and overwhelmed.

In a classic ugly-crying prayer moment I realized…

I didn’t need more of my effort. I needed more of God.
So I started just spending a few minutes each morning with Him. It wasn’t impressive, but it was daily.
And that habit changed everything.

That's why I started Hello Mornings...

I knew there were other women out there like me. 

Women who felt overwhelmed. Women who heard they “should” have a quiet time…and fitness time…and planning time, but didn’t know how to make it all fit into their unpredictable lives.

I learned how to build a sure, steady habit and I wanted to help others meet with Jesus every morning.

I became convinced that nothing can change lives, communities or the world like beginning each day steeped in the grace and love of God.

"It's excellently organized, easy to navigate, there are clear explanations of every resource, and so much is offered. You knocked it out of the park!"

- Ali S.

Are you ready for great mornings?

Imagine one year from now. What will your life look like? An exceptional life is built morning by morning. Today’s the day to begin building yours…









What's Included?

Community, training, Bible Studies, Audios...everything you need.

A Clear Roadmap

Navigate our content with clarity in our step by step roadmap. Our resources designed to make mornings easy.


We have an incredible community of women encouraging one another every day. And we'd love to have you join us!

Workshops and Courses

Habit building, planning, fitness and more. Content to help you be consistent.

Accessible Bible Studies

Over a dozen studies. PDF, email, audio. At home or on the go. We make studying simple.

Step 1: Begin Your Routine

Our Daily Audio Bible Study Series (over 300 audios!) is the perfect way to begin building a powerful morning routine. You don’t even need to get out of bed!.

Step 2: Build Your Routine

 We’ll help you begin a morning routine and then we’ll help you build on it. Maximize the faith, planning, and fitness elements of your routine.

Step 3: Beyond the Routine

Make your morning your launch pad for life. With a strong foundation, learn to thrive…all day long.


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