Hi there! My name is Kat Lee. That’s me in the middle. I started Hello Mornings a gazillion years ago because a simple morning routine changed my life and I had to share it. (Download it below…)

I live in the thriving metropolis of Waco, Texas with my husband Jimmy and my 3 children.

I’m a half-Asian, sports-loving, coffee-drinking, techie nerd. If you want to know more about me, read Chapter 1 of my book. I’m so sorry, but I pretty much guarantee it will make you cry, they’ll be inspiring happy tears, though! Pinky promise.

The Hello Mornings Team

The HelloMornings team truly consists of hundreds of women. Every group leader,  writer, behind-the-scenes servant, and volunteer is here to serve God and you through Hello Mornings.

We are here to help YOU build your morning routine. Here are some of the women who (attempt to) hold all the details together.


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Our Schedule

The schedule lists our upcoming Group Bible Study Challenge Sessions. More info on the studies:

2019 Session 1:
Then I Will Go – Obedience, Victory, and God’s Providence – Lessons from the Book of Esther

2019 Session 2:
A Faith that Endures – Lessons from the Thessalonian Epistles

Details on Session 3 and 4 coming soon…

Join us for a challenge to maximize your mornings.

TheHelloMornings challenge was birthed to encourage Christian women toward the life-giving habit of waking up FOR their lives instead of TO their lives. The first challenge formed back in August 2010 and has grown to a movement of thousands of women in countries around the world, with over 200 volunteer leaders.

Our motto is “God.Plan.Move.” and we aim to empower women to spend time with God, plan their day and make healthy choices first thing in the morning.

In just a few minutes each morning, we can attend to the most important aspects of our lives – our relationship with God, planning, and improving our health. The goal isn’t overnight transformation, but slow and steady progress toward life long habits that radically change the direction of our lives and allow us to thrive in whatever role God has given us.

New challenges begin throughout the year. Each challenge runs for 6-weeks with a break until the next session. 

The challenge is not a competition to see who can get out of bed earliest, and it is not a pursuit of perfection. It is simply a venue for accountability for you to make the most of the quiet and renewal each morning provides.

If you’re not already on it, be sure to sign up for our email list (see form above) and we’ll let you know all the details before the next session begins.

The HelloMornings In Depth Bible Study

Each session we offer a simple daily reading plan  AND an optional in depth Bible Study. Both materials cover the same book of the Bible, just at a different levels.

Have more questions? Check out our F.A.Q. below:

How does the HelloMornings Challenge work?

You can participate in The HelloMornings Challenge one of two ways. You can lead a group of friends or family OR you can also sign up for a an online group where you’ll do daily check-ins via social media.  Before or after their morning routine, group members check in with their assigned group on Facebook, Twitter, Voxer or Instagram.

You can form your own group with friends, with your church or in your community. We’ll give you all the resources you need. Click here to get more info about leading a group.

If you choose to sign up for one of our online public groups, once you register, your group leader will contact you before the challenge begins with more details.

How can I register for the challenge?

Open registration begins one week  before a new challenge starts. There are sometimes groups that open up spots throughout the challenge.

If you’re not already on it, be sure to sign up for our email list (see form above) and we’ll let you know all the details before the next session.

Still have questions? Contact us.

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Statement of Belief

Click here for our statement of belief.

Meet The Hello Mornings Team

The HelloMornings team truly consists of hundreds of women. Every group leader, behind-the-scenes servant, writer, tweeter, and blogger supporting the challenge is used by God for His glory through HelloMornings.

These are some of the women who (attempt to) hold all the details together.

Kat Lee

HelloMornings Director

Joyce Moy

Communications Director

Melissa Q

Registration Manager

Jessica Newland

Social Media Director

Ali Shaw

Leadership Manager and Bible Study Editor

Ayoka Billions

Leadership Manager

Hello Mornings Stories

When I started HelloMornings, my mornings ran me & chaos reigned. Now, I am in charge of how my day begins - with God - and that sets the tone for me, my day & my entire family.

Jennifer Schultz

HelloMornings has brought me so many blessings - an online community of prayer warriors and friends, accountability, and a new way of life that creates margin and stillness in my day!

Julie Reynolds

HelloMorning restored my regular morning time with Jesus after losing that life-giving routine in the midst of having/raising children (3 boys in 30 months!).

Ayoka Billions

By getting into the Word and spending focused time with Jesus daily, my whole life has changed. The growth I have seen in myself, my marriage and my family overwhelms me, and HelloMornings was (and continues to be) the catalyst of this. Yay God and HelloMornings!

Gina Lee

HelloMornings, for me, has been an opportunity to stand together with other women, being accountable to one another as we study, learn, and apply the Word. As we share insights, prayer requests, and encouragement, growth blossoms, and God is glorified through us.

Angela Heatwole

HelloMornings has been my saving grace. It allows me to spend time with God each day and get me centered right from when I arise. An added blessing has been all the wonderful friendships.

Darlene Kenyon

As a mom to 3 under 3, I didn't know if HelloMornings was possible. After three sessions, I wonder if a day without it is possible! I'm not perfect, but starting my morning off right strengthens me and my family the rest of the day. Thanks HelloMornings!

Megan Barone

My involvement in HelloMornings gave me more hours in my day, helped me see God at work in my prayer life, opened up a new world of Christian community, and gifted me with the pleasure of seeing lives changed through the power of God's Word.

Cheli Sigler

HelloMornings has brought back my love for simplicity in Christ, focus in my day and strength to my resolve as a wife, mother and child of God. One of the best commitments I have ever made.

Amanda Espinoza

HelloMornings have helped me and still helps me start my day focused on God with a wonderful ladies that I cherish. This time is so precious to me and even though I still battle a lot with the Plan and Move part, I can't imagine my days without the God part.

Riëtte Cawthorn