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A simple morning routine can change everything.


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About The Hello Mornings Book:

Download Chapter 1 and the 3-Minute Morning Kit to:

  • Start each day with God

  • Prayerfully plan your day

  • Increase your energy to follow His call


Are you ready to wake up for your life and not just to your life?

Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a morning person to start each new day well. In Hello Mornings, Kat introduces a simple yet powerful three-minute morning routine that integrates Bible study, planning, and fitness into a foundational morning habit that fits into every schedule. She then helps you build each of these core habits for life-long growth.

Everyone can find three minutes. And instead of adding one more thing to the list, Hello Mornings lifts the weight off women by revealing a grace-filled way to establish a powerful morning routine that offers:

  • a simple way to incorporate the most-sought-after daily habits into a simple morning routine: God. Plan. Move.
  • the latest research on habit formation and development
  • practical tools to help readers develop and grow their own personalized, adaptable plan for mornings
  • stories of transformed mornings from women in every season and stage of life

Hello Mornings helps readers renovate their mornings to establish and grow a powerful daily routine—a long-term, Jesus-centered habit to anchor them in every season. Each morning can then become a launch pad into God’s amazing plan for their lives.

Learn to build a morning routine…that lasts.

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Melanie Shankle, New York Times Best Selling Author

“In the pages of Hello Mornings, Kat will make you laugh out loud, breathe a deep sigh of relief and re-evaluate the way you start your day in all the best ways.”

Chrystal Evans Hurst, Author of She’s Still There

“Kat Lee has written a manual that will help you develop the mindset and intentional habits necessary to meet your day proactively instead of reacting to your day when you wake up. Hello Mornings is more than a book of “how-to’s”. It is tried and true experience backed by research. This is a book of practical encouragement no woman should be without!”

Sally Clarkson, Author of The LIfegiving Home, Different and The Lifegiving Table Clarkson

“I want to give this book to all the women I know. It is a rare treasure. The principles described will transform your life by motivating you to understand how to have a deep, meaningful relationship with God by studying His Word and to live life knowing His love, wisdom and purpose every day and through and all of your seasons. Highly recommended.”

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The Hello Mornings Book Club Kit

Read with friends! Download our FREE Hello Mornings Book Club Kit. It makes starting and hosting a book club crazy simple. The Kit includes:

  • INVITE COPY – Copy and paste invitation text
  • GRAPHICS – Fun invitation graphics
  • GUIDE – A Book Club guide on how to host a book club
  • QUESTIONS – Discussion questions for every chapter
  • RESOURCES – printables, video, audio and more!
Download the 3-Minute Morning and Book Club Kit

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Everything you need for great mornings:

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