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Craving Jesus More Than Netflix with Jennie Allen :: ITA #125

Jennie Allen is a recovering achiever who is passionate about Jesus. She is the author of the new book, Nothing to Prove: Why We Can Stop Trying So Hard, and is the founder of IF: Gathering, which exists to gather, equip, and unleash the next generation to live out their purpose.

Jennie shares about her journey to find freedom from self­-induced pressure by admitting we’re not enough—but Jesus is. 

“The reason I craved Netflix more than Jesus was because I felt God was judging me and watching me fail. I was exhausted and wanted to check out. But, the narrative of God is that He is enough for us.”

In This Episode, You'll Hear...

  • Why admitting our brokenness, doubt and fear is actually the way to freedom.
  • How the gospel rescued us from a life of striving and comparison
  • Encouragement to enjoy the messy seasons we are in because we have been counted worthy


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Quick Links

  1. BOOK: Nothing to Prove: Why We Can Stop Trying So Hard
  2. Love the song in the outro? It's called God Day. It's by Jen Stanbro and you can get it on iTunes by clicking here and check out Jen's site by clicking here.

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