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Life-Coaching 101 :: Carey Bailey :: ITA116

Do you feel stuck in your current life situation?  Or maybe you know where you want to go, but need help figuring out how to get there?  Life Coach Carey Bailey breaks down what life-coaching is, how it can help you, and how to fit it into your life.

In This Episode You'll Hear...

  • What Life-Coaching is.
  • How Life-Coaching is different from counseling or therapy.
  • What to do if getting a Life Coach doesn't quite fit into your budget.

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Quick Links

  1. Carey's-Five Week Online Coaching Course
  2. Schedule a coaching session here!
  3. You're Going to Be Okay by Holley Gerth
  4. Love Idol by Jennifer Dukes Lee
  5. True Faced by John Lynch
  6. Love the song in the outro? It's called God Day. It's by Jen Stanbro and you can get it on iTunes by clicking here and check out Jen's site by clicking here.

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