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Loving Your Actual Life :: Alexandra Kuykendall :: ITA108

Do you find yourself always longing for the next phase of life? This is for you... Alexandra Kuykendall joins us today with insight on how to love and relish the life you're already living.

In This Episode You'll Hear...

  • Alexandra's journey to start loving her actual, current life.
  • About the experiment you can do to discover the joy in your current phase of life.
  • How to grow in areas of parenting where you're not naturally gifted.
  • How social media affects our current contentment.
  • How to help your children love their actual life.

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Quick Links

  1. Alexandra's book, Loving My Actual Life: An Experiment of Relishing What's Right in Front of Me
  2. The Fit Bit Alta Kat mentioned
  3. The Forest app Kat mentioned (available for iPhone and Android)
  4. Love the song in the outro? It's called God Day. It's by Jen Stanbro and you can get it on iTunes by clicking here and check out Jen's site by clicking here.

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