Not Ashamed of the Gospel

...Standing in Christ’s Righteousness

The world around us is in need of Christ's light. So as Christians, it's time for us to really know our faith and practice it well. In the book of Romans, Paul gives the most exhaustive teachings on the basics of our Christian beliefs.

This first of a two-volume study will examine those teachings and what our response might be as modern women walking out a life of faith. 

Our Hello Mornings Bible studies are specifically designed to help you consistently dive deep into Scripture whether you have five minutes or fifty.

This 30-day (or can be done as a 6-week) study contains:

  • Daily scripture reference
  • Daily In-depth Commentary
  • Daily Study/Discussion prompts
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  • Complete Bible Study - the complete study is 78 pages of commentary, study questions and worksheets to help you dive deep into Romans. Available as PDF or Printed via Amazon
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  • Group Guide - Study with friends! We made it simple. Just invite them to sign up and they'll get access to the whole study kit. This guide will offer discussion questions and ways to connect online, even if you can't discuss together in person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Reading Plan lists the Scripture passages for each day. It is available in our Community Resource Library. Click here to get an invite to our Free Community.

The Full Study is a 78-page resource that contains in-depth commentary and study prompts for each day. It also has daily worksheets with space to prep for your Plan and Move Time each day too.

Additionally, it contains an excellent section with tips, ideas, links and resources for deeper Bible study.

Purchasing the full study is optional, but we certainly appreciate the support!

Yes! And you don't even need to contact us to cancel. You can cancel right from your account. 

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Yes! You will have access to download the PDF and audios for lifetime access.

You will also have access within the Academy all the way to the end of the study no matter when you cancel your membership.

Great! We are happy to help. Just email us at [email protected]


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